Poll for the menfolk

Of course, it’s a poll about your ladies. Do you like them to wear make-up and get dressed up, even if it’s just to spend time with you? Does it bother you if they make no effort whatsoever and shlump around in their sweats / pjs – or do you prefer that look? Do you ever ask your lady to put make up on, or dress nicer? Do you not notice at all what she is wearing? Do you ever wish she would make more of an effort? Does she dress differently now than when you were dating? How so? Does this bother you? What are your views on the robes that many religious women wear a lot of the time?

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  1. Mark says:

    Love my wife.
    Hate makeup.
    Despise those robes.

    My wife dresses up when appropriate. But we are a very informal bunch (and would be better “suited” on an old-time kibbutz as far as dress), so us dressing up is probably casual at best for many others.

  2. Mike S. says:

    I find my wife almost unbearably attractive even without that stuff.

  3. YC says:

    In general I don’t lie to get involved

    Once, just once I looked up her up and down and said- “you gonna wear THAT?”

    It wad a Sat night, I needed 2 min in the kitchen to tell her dad we were going to get engaged that week

    PS She thought it was strange that i asked her to change but didn’t ask me about it. I did explain once we were engaged, she thought it was funny

  4. Gavi says:

    I shop for my wife, and notice what she wears more than she does! Then again, I am the fashionista of the house…

  5. sheldan says:

    I don’t force her to wear makeup or get particularly dressed up, especially when she is not feeling well.

    If we are going out, it might be different, but even so I think she is beautiful no matter what.

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