Pesach Preparation

Pesach Preparation

Last year I wrote a month-long series on preparing for Passover over on Joy of Kosher. Honestly – I wish I followed my own advice, but this year I really haven’t.

The boys are off from school for a week before the holiday and a week after, and have oodles of free time. I work from home, so I will need to get the kids to leave me alone and take care of a lot of the cleaning and organizing while I get work done. We have no cleaning help, so it’s all on us.

I figured the easiest way for me to get them motivated is to write out a master chore list, and they can earn points for each chore. When they get to a certain number, they can trade those points in for TV watching time / Wii time / Netflix time. Of course, chores have to be completed properly, and no points will be awarded for slackery. They will also get bonus points for working together without fighting.

I don’t know if your kids try this on you, but mine have been known to do this. “Ima, I’m not sure I remember how to do that. Can you show me again just this one time so that next time I will know?” – And next time? “I forgot how to do this, please show me again”. NOT FALLING FOR IT ANYMORE.

I tend to like things to be done my way. I am not saying I am a control freak, just that I am particular about certain things. But I am going to have to let that slide just a teeny bit – it’s taken me 40 years to know how I like things to be done, and the kids don’t have the benefit of my experience. So long as a closet gets organized – it doesn’t matter if I would have done it differently. So long as the towels are folded and put away – does it matter if I fold them another way? No. Either I do it all myself my way or I accept the help that is given. I cannot do it all myself, I have to delegate and just let things be done their way.

How do you involve your kids or family in the Pesach preparation? Do any of your kids have special Pesach jobs? Are you dreading having them home for that long week before Pesach?


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