Oy Vey! Isn’t a Strategy

It isn’t! Want to know why? Buy the book and find out!

Last night was the launch party for Deborah Grayson Riegel’s first (of many, I hope) book “Oy Vey! Isn’t a Strategy“. Deborah is a life coach and a speaker and very good at it. Read more about what she does here.

I first met Deb almost two years ago at a MetroImma event where she spoke about motivating oneself – and she had us ask ourselves some searching questions and I had an a-ha moment there and then about some personal goals. We’ve become friends, met at several events, chat on FB and trade recipes and kid stories.

Deb’s book is full of anecdotes and stories and tips and tricks for managing life. She writes as she speaks – engaging and humorous and so smart!

The event was held at the UJA Federation in NYC – a place where Deborah has facilitated many workshops, a place where they hold her in high esteem. Their  pride in her accomplishment was a pleasure to behold.

After introductory remarks by June Fortess – the UJA Director of Educational Resources –  Deb arose to speak. She said how nice it was to hear such praiseworthy things about herself without having to die first. She read from four sections of her book – but it was less of a reading and more a conversation between her and us. I love how she wove stories of her lovely twins (Jacob and Sophie) and her husband Michael, and her own life lessons into her book and her talk. She has such an energy about her, a zest for life.

Deb spoke about an hour, but it went so quickly! I wanted more!

Before her talk and after she was busy signing books (She inscribed mine with “what’s cooking, good looking?” Could not have been more perfect!). There was a great mix of people – I made some fabulous contacts once I got over my nerves at not knowing anyone else in the room!

Buy the book, folks. Oy Vey! Is really not a strategy – read this book and Deborah Grayson Riegel will help you create your own strategy.

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