Our weekend

Do you ever feel like you need a weekend in order to recover from the weekend? This past weekend it was all stations go, and I am exhausted. Yet here it is Monday morning, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving in Canada (Happy Turkey Day to my peeps back home), and it’s back to the daily grind. No chance to sleep in or take it easy.

My almost 90 year old mother-in-law was with us for Shabbat which was a treat. So I cooked up a major storm, pulled out all the stops, worried I did not have enough food, so I made more, and now BH I have a refrigerator full of food even though we ate till we couldn’t eat anything more.

We had plenty of visitors dropping in from out of town, and even had the pleasure of watching one of our great-nephews for a few hours. I don’t recall my 3 year olds being this tiring! But I was much younger then – maybe that’s what makes the difference?

Anyhow, hopefully be back to blogging a little bit later once I have caught up on laundry and housework. Kids are in school today, but no busing so I am off to do car pool.

I am exhausted, but a good exhausted….

Sometimes I feel there is not enough coffee in this world….

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  1. Caffeinate hard & relax when you can! <3

  2. Suburban Sweetheart sounds like an RN…

    We needed to recover – from the traffic backed up about 15 miles trying to get to Monsey for Shabbat! A few days before that it was the LIE. NY area traffic is for the birds! Now that we’re back out West, we need a few days to recover from the ordeal.
    Glad you had such a fulfilling Shabbat. ;-)

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