Our son, the budding lawyer (or enforcer? Hmmm)

I overheard a conversation between HockeyFan and ChatterBox, and heard something about someone signing an agreement. Happened to be it was the little one being “encouraged” to sign.

I asked for a look at this document.

Here it is:

__________(first name) _________________(middle name) ________________ (last name) solemnly swear that if I annoy [HockeyFan] this weekend or I sleep on his bed on April 28 2011 I shall be under his command for a week.

Funnily enough they tried to convince me that once signed it is legal and enforceable. Seeing as they are both minors I told them no. However, apparently since they live in my “Queendom” (their word) I can choose whether it is legally binding in our home.

I have the power. Bwah hah hah!

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  1. RubyV says:

    Ok, that right there is brilliant.

  2. fille says:

    Well, you should check whether the contract was signed under pressure (in which case it would be null and void) and whether the “being under command” is against morals or cruel or against the law (slavery).

    But otherwise, I suppost minors can conclude a contract (for things that are within their scope), can’t they?

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