Oh my eyes!!

Ok, people, I am well aware that it is summer here, but that doesn’t mean that you have to dress everyday as if you are going to the beach, or that you have to give up caring about how you look.

If you are going to ride a bike – low rise jeans and minimal / no underwear just doesn’t work. People don’t like being mooned as they walk along / drive along the road.

Wearing a skirt that barely covers your bottom when standing takes a lot of guts and self confidence (and the right kind of bottom). Don’t do it if you are going to be tugging on that hem every 5 seconds.

If you are going to wear shorts or short skirts, or sleeveless shirts, please make sure you have rid yourself of excess body hair…it’s just not cool not to.

Oh and this new fashion of 4 inch shorts – it’s not for everyone. In fact I wonder who it is even for, because they don’t look good on anyone. Maybe on baby girls. Certainly not on plus size women!

And please don’t let your little daughters wear tees that say things like “Future Porn Star” – I have seen this on numerous occasions and it is far from funny.

and just so you know camel toe is only acceptable on a camel’s foot. I’m just saying,….

Men – unless you are riding, bicycle shorts are a total no-no. It’s just not cool. Please also, invest in a belt, wearing jeans practically below the butt is just a total turn off. I keep wanting to just walk past and casually yank em down – all it needs is a gust of wind.

Look, I am a religious woman, and I dress much more modestly than the above examples, I would love to wear shorts and a halter top, but I don’t. That doesn’t mean I don’t tolerate it on others – to each her own, but make sure you look decent. Look in the mirror before you leave the house. Have some self respect. Have some dignity.

End of Rant….(see what happens when I go to the store? I should just stay home and not look at people…)

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  1. ladylockandload says:

    I think it is even harder for religious orthodox men who are not supposed to look at such things. It is sad that this is the world we live in…

  2. esty says:

    i totally agree with you! i too am religious and i agree with the “to each her own” comment. i just cant stand it when people stand outside more undressed than dressed! i personally think it is degrading to all women! no wonder there are so many men out there that take women for granted. some women just don’t have enough self-respect to warrant respect from the opposite gender!

  3. I am so with you on this post. All I can say is: if you don’t have the figure for it, do us all a favor and don’t wear those clothes!

  4. ladylockandload says:

    And if someone has the figure for it they shouldn’t wear it either, in my opinion.

  5. Chanief says:

    I know what you mean, especially about the little girls and the slogans on their tee shirts. I know my daughter is going to hate me when she is a little older because there is no way she’ll be walking around with a belly shirt and teeny weeny daisy dukes. It irks me to no end when I see little girls dressed like, quite frankly, little whores. It especially makes me mad when they are with their mothers, I wonder – WTF is this mother thinking??

    I have to disagree with the first comment. I am very tired of the poor, helpless, Orthodox male routine. They need to get a handle on their thinking patterns or stay in the beis medrash all day. Maybe if there wasn’t such extreme separation between the sexes in the orthodox world, orthodox men would learn not to view every single woman they see as a sex object. It might be time to change how these men are being educated instead of blaming society for their inability to control their thoughts.

  6. Z! says:

    The really sad part is that the ladies/girls that do wear such revealing clothes are encouraged to do so by the society around us that tells them that showing it off IS the highest form of “self respect”. If you’ve got it FLAUNT it!

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