Oh kids! They do make you laugh!!

I had to go and apply for new Medicare cards for the kids, because somehow I managed to lose them when I took one of the kids to the doc on Friday. Argh! Oldest kid is 14, so he had to come with, as from age of 14 they need a pic on their card. He also had to sign all his forms too.

So the disheveled dude* that was behind the desk gave him the form for him to sign, told him to read it, then sign. Kid looks at me and whispers “do I really have to read it out loud?” I snortled. I laughed. I giggled. The disheveled dude cracked up too. I launched into a lecture about how you must never sign ANYTHING without reading it first. Quietly. To oneself. Then snortled again. Kids can be such literalists.

*Disheveled Dude. Doesn’t the government have dress codes for their workers? This guy had long hippy hair that hadn’t been washed in a decade, an uncombed beard with food crumbs in it. Seriously. Could he not make sure to brush out the crumbs after breakfast? He was dressed in jeans and a rock band tee shirt. I wanted to take him to the barber and then to the store to buy him a suit, or at least some business casual wear. Ick.

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  1. batya from NJ says:

    maybe he was a former homeless guy who just got the job? ;)!

  2. Z! says:

    LOL!! Too cute! thanks for sharing.

  3. RivkA says:

    I just posted about getting my new health care card… funny….

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