I wonder why they happen? The other day, I think it was Shabbat, I lay down in the afternoon to take a nap. Five minutes later I was wide awake with my heart pounding, the sweat pouring off me. I had dreamt that I was behind the wheel of a car, and trying to navigate traffic, but I couldn’t see much out of my eyes. Like when Al Pacino was driving in Scent of a Woman? And I was trying to dodge all the cars, but they kept coming at me, and I finally managed to cross the intersection and I woke up, bathed in sweat.

The other week I dreamt I gave birth to a stillborn baby after not even knowing I was pregnant….

I wonder what it all means…. they really cannot be anxiety dreams, because my stress level has gone down since I officially moved here.


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  1. balebusta says:

    Oh definitely anxiety dreams! Just because your day-to-day stress has been diminished doesn’t mean that your unconscious is a sea of calm! Something clearly is going on unconsciously…but as a psychoanalyst, I’m biased!

    The dream about the car — immediate associations…you’re trying to navigate something challenging without all of the senses required to do so….you want to be in control but you physically can’t have access to one thing that would make it so easy for you…in the end, you do succeed. Is it possible that this is related to integrating the family to the new home, new neighborhood etc?

    The baby — much more tricky! Representing some kind of loss….but you lost something that you didn’t even know you had….again, maybe this relates in some way to the move and the new (happy!) circumstances you are in.

    I don’t like to really analyze peoples dreams without knowing them — that’s dangerous and not ethical….but I think our dreams are rich and have meaning are worth taking a second look at. The above was just some associations of my own based on what (very little) I know of your life.

  2. Armchair Talmudist says:

    Yomtov brings with it different types of food and different eat/sleep schedules. Hopefully as things get back to normal, so will your dreams.

  3. Ariela says:

    I thought you might appreciate seeing this:

  4. fille says:

    Don’t over-interpret dreams.

    You had those dreams, they were not nice, and that’s it.

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