My Time is Worth Money – a Vlog

My Time is Worth Money – a Vlog

In which I complain about people taking advantage of me professionally.


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  1. Aliza says:

    I would LOVE to make a video response to this, but I’m not sure how. Can I call you with just a few quick questions? HAHAHAHA…

    Seriously, your time is DEFINITELY worth money. Perhaps you’d feel less taken advantage of if you tell them up front, “I’m flattered you would like my help, but these are my work hours, and I am on the clock. Would you like to know my rates, or would you rather I call you when I’m off the clock IF I happen to have the free time?”

    Another option is to tell them, “I’m flattered you’d like my help, but I have a professional rule I must adhere to: if it takes longer than five minutes, I feel compelled to charge you. Here are my rates if you’re still interested in my help.”

    What do you think? It’s a sticky situation no matter how you look at it, but if someone is comfortable putting you in that position, you must be comfortable extricating yourself.


    • HaDassah says:

      I definitely think being upfront is the way to go. However, there are those people that are so subtle and sneaky about things, that you’re practically sucked in to helping them before you realize what’s happening.

      Standing up for one’s right to be paid is the name of the game. It needs to be done well though….

  2. Well put — a polite and informative way to address the client-friendship balance. Clarity looks like an interesting site, all this post is missing a link your Clarity profile.

  3. Babelfish says:

    I’m self-employed as a translator, and I do not really have this problem.

    For some friends, I do work for free, but in general people understand that a translation takes time and is worth money. Once someone asked me for 10 pages complicated philosophical stuff, so I made a quote, and they were not interested. fine with me… But I would not do 10 pages complicated philosophical translation for free…

    Once an association I belonged to asked me for a small translation, I did it for them, and then I wrote a bill:
    worth of translation xxx
    friendship discount xxx
    total: 0.-

    they understood and never asked again, (obviously, they were not ready to pay the price)…

  4. Rachel Rosenstern says:

    My favorite is “But, you work from home so there’s no reason that you can’t help us with (insert project here).” It’s as if working from home is code for “you don’t really work all day”. It’s exasperating.

  5. Otir says:

    I took you upon your request of responding with a vlog:

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