MRI Update

Firstly – thanks to all of you that commented, emailed and facebooked/ tweeted me with your advice and MRI experiences – it helped a lot.

I arrived at the Imaging Center at 6.20 this morning and had to wait for someone to open the doors at 6.30. By 6.35 I had signed all the necessary papers, given over the insurance information, corrected their spelling on my street name and was taken through to the back.

Waited perhaps 3 minutes, and then was shown to a room to change into a gown. She told me I could leave on my hair covering, so long as there were no metal pins or clips in it.

The technician explained the whole procedure to me, gave me earplugs, and helped me to lay down on the table. Flat on my back is not the position that affords me the most comfort right now. In fact I was in total agony through out the whole 20 minute MRI. Which made it difficult to hold still. Especially when pain was shooting down my leg…

But I used the noise of the machine to conjure up imagery of shooting the pain – blasting it and drilling it and blowing it up. I was so focused on being in pain and killing the pain that I forgot to feel claustrophobic.

It was over in 20 minutes. No big deal, I guess. Except now I am in more pain than I was before. I just took some painkillers now, and am resting up. I have to wait till Friday (until the results get to his office) to call to schedule a follow up appointment with the OrthoDoc. Hopefully he can see me first thing Monday morning and we will have some kind of plan of action for dealing with my back.

Stay tuned.

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  1. shualah elisheva says:

    very glad to hear that everything turned out all right, b’ezrat hashem!

  2. batya from NJ says:

    It’s always nice when things work out better than anticipated. Now I just hope that they will have a good treatment plan for you once the results are in & you will start to feel relief real soon be”h.

  3. Nora says:

    Glad it was relatively quick. Rest and let the drugs do their work. I hope the come up with a fantastic & fast treatment plan so that you’re pain free in no time.

  4. mrsmelissasg says:

    i’m glad it went as well as can be expected. good use of imagery!

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