More Tales from the Gym

Just a brief one.

Lady in the locker-room – just to let you know, he really is my husband and not my father. But thanks for the compliment :) .

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  1. lady lock and load says:

    Let’s hear it for KoD the CRADLE ROBBER! :)

  2. sheldan says:

    Ouch! (Since I’m the KoD’s age) :-)

  3. Seriously? Nice. For you, maybe not as nice for KoD…. ;)

  4. Fair, but who likes to be reminded of their age? Anyways, I don’t even know what the age difference is between Hadassah and KoD.

  5. RubyV says:

    My spouse is almost a decade older. He mocks those who make rude comments – they wish they had his luck. Granted, we have gotten some really obnoxious comments, but we can be far harsher (insert cackle).

  6. birthwhisperer says:

    my hubby is almost 7 years older which may not be that much except for the fact that we got engaged when i was 16 and married when i was 17. i remember people telling him he robbed the cradle:)

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