Monday’s Rant

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  1. Marla says:

    First, I love your reaction to your little ‘slip’ of the tongue…very sweet.
    As for the teller, I probably would have said something like “C’mon, you can’t mean that – that would be really unreasonable.” I wouldn’t tell a manager, because any repercussions against her would just feed a new discrimination in her.
    If you have to deal with her again, I’d ask her if she resolved that ticket AND her bias against Fillipinos…
    But that’s just me – I can’t handle racism or bigotry of any kind. And one of the things I enjoy most about this blog is that we are like minded in this area.
    Thank you for that!
    I am glad someone like you is moving to Monsey – we can use more folks like you :)

  2. Yikes! Can’t say I haven’t heard it before. It’s sad. Even people who have friends of different races have said stuff like that to me.

  3. It’s hard to speak up every single time it happens. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

  4. Cam says:

    When I got hit with that at work, I told the person that I was sure that another employee of that decent (in this case, Chinese) would love to discuss her opinions.

    PS, if you send me the raw file, I think I’ll be able to edit your ‘bad word’ out for you. ;)

  5. shorty says:

    You said a baaaad word. You are so cute.

    I’m not sure what i would have said. Its one of those comments that throws you. I think i would have liked to tell her that it was inappropriate of her to to share that with a customer, that I know some very nice phillipino people (one of whom is my masters thesis advisor), and that kind of comment is racist. Depending on her reaction…if she is apologetic then i may leave it at that and add something about getting thinking of some diversity training if finds herself coming to those conclusions again, but if she gets angry about it, i would inform her that i would be talking to her supervisor about her inappropriate behaviour. (and follow through).

    Like i said, i would like to think i would do these things, but in the heat of the moment I tend to get all flustered.

  6. Lady Lock and Load says:

    I think I would have told her that not all Phillipino’s are bad, mainly because I had an instructor at my old gym. Her name is Vanessa and she was Phillipino and we were good friends.
    There is so much bias and hatred in this world. Recently there was a woman in the news, she was being sentenced for helping terrorists, maybe she was some sort of doctor. But I remember what she said upon being sentenced, that this is Israel’s doing. Shivers went up my spine when I heard those words.

  7. HaSafran says:

    My response would have been “Yeah, but I bet you slow down every time you see one now, right?”

    Also, I hope she doesn’t hang around the Van Horne corridor (Outremont-Cote Saint-Luc), because, honey, that’s Filipino Central.

  8. batya from NJ says:

    i would have said something along the lines of what LLL said which was that not all filipinos are bad & that it’s unfair to stereotype ppl. b/c there are good & bad ppl in all cultures-in fact, i’ve said just that to many a person in my time b/c there is so much racism & unfair stereotyping all around which is sad but unfortunately it happens ALL the time :(!

  9. frumgoth says:

    ugh. people can be so closed minded and intolerant! I would have tried to open her mind by telling her about the great Phillipino therapists that I work with. Maybe even sing her a round of Happy birthday in Tagalog (one of the languages spoken there) which they taught me – it sounds so cute!

  10. That person was pretty ridiculous. Can’t even think of a sarcastic comment to make at this late hour…..who would say something like that?

  11. Rebecca says:

    Hadassah, u seem to run into many rude, small minded, shallow people. I hope ur move to Monsey will take away many of these types of people. U certainly can rant here but I believe you are far from shy, very articulate and could oh so nicely have said to the teller. I find your remarks racists. Will you speak about Orthodox Jewish Women to your next customer? Always with a smile and a soft tone. U can still do it. Try it. See how it feels and more importantly see the reaction.

    Now, do you get Oprah? If you do, please watch yesterdays show about Child Molesters and make sure ur boys and Kod’s kids watch it. If you didn’t tape it, look it up in the paper and see if you can. A most well done program.
    I also hope that others who read your blog watch it also. If they have, let’s talk about it.

    90% of Child Molesters are people the children know already….

    • HSaboMilner says:

      I did watch it. It was very disturbing but did contain vital information. I will discuss it in an upcoming post.

  12. Deborah Rey says:

    So … tell me already … what’s wrong with the word ‘bullshit’, especially when used within the context?
    Would ‘crap’ be better?
    I agree with you: the remark is FULL of bullshit. So there!

    • HSaboMilner says:

      As a religious woman swearing is not supposed to be part of my speech. Ooops! But yes, it was the right word to use, but if I wouldn’t talk like that in front of my kids, I shouldn’t say it at all. Maybe.

      Too early, I need more coffee.

      (and apparently CRAP is a bad word too, but I disagree with that)

  13. Lady Lock and Load says:

    Seems this agrees with you…”is crap a bad word? Well, no. It came from the name Mr. Crapper,the inventer of the flushing toilet, sometimes called the “crapper”. Got this from wiki answers. LOL, can you imagine having the name CRAPPER??? :)

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