Modest Dressing – 5

Soft Look for Shabbat

Today I am modeling my look for a casual Shabbat outfit. Sometimes I do get dressed up to the nines to go to shul, but sometimes I opt for a softer look. This look that I am demonstrating here can also work well if I have a speaking engagement. After all, I am wearing my signature colour.

Cardigan Detailing

As you all know I love pink. Especially baby pink, and this sweater / cardigan just oozes pinkness. It’s so feminine and classy, flirty without being over the top. The flowers just add softness. The sleeves are an interesting length, but they do cover the elbows which I am very happy about. I am wear a pale pink shell underneath for warmth, and for modesty – to make sure I am covered if there are gaps between the cardigan buttons. I got mine through – more on them down below. It was under thirty dollars, which in my opinion is an excellent price!! I know I would not feel out of place wearing this to shul on Shabbat.

I have several black skirts in various different lengths – this one is a particular favourite of mine. I bought it a few years ago at Old Navy when I was heavier, and I liked it so much I have had it altered twice after losing weight. It’s not shown here, but it has a cummerbund-like waist – so if I tuck a shirt in, it looks very elegant.

Here I am wearing thick black tights, but this could look dressier with sheer hose. In the winter my legs get cold and I wear the thick tights.


My shoes – I got these on sale in Montreal at Winners and they were not expensive. I don’t remember exactly how much, but I know I won’t have paid over $50 for them. They are Marc Fisher and give me a four inch boost whenever I wear them.


My necklace is from the Phillipines – I have no clue if it’s a cheap or expensive piece, but I love its classic elegance.

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  1. mirimosh says:

    Wow gorgeous i would add a little pink flower to the “hair”, nut it is very nice the way it is. Big Like

  2. tina says:

    looks strange…

  3. G6 says:

    Major shoe envy here…. and I need the boost more than you do!

    • tina says:

      Over here, no envy at all for the shoes.

      Who can walk with things like this?

      Isn’t awfully unhealthy for the spine & feet & legs?

  4. lady lock and load says:

    I like Mavenmall, their stuff is cute! What exactly looks “strange” tina? Is it that the sleeves are shortish for a winter sweater?

  5. chava says:

    with all due respect – who can afford anything on that site??

    • tina says:

      That’s why they need to do advertising over social media, like here…

    • mrsmelissasg says:

      It looks like the site brings together items from a wide variety of other sites to make it easier to find modest clothing rather than sifting through dozens of sites. They provide a convenience factor and the prices are not different from what you would find directly.

  6. lady lock and load says:

    Chava, I thought the prices were quite reasonable. What did you think was too expensive?

  7. Chaipad says:

    How about talking about the quality of the product. We all know what it looks like but as a critic you should educate us, the consumer, about the quality of the product. Unless you were told specifically by the “sponser” not to talk about that. As an aside the word “sponser” makes me think about money and getting paid. Did they pay you not to talk about quality?

    • OlyC says:

      The only thing she could speak too, quality wise, would be this ONE sweater. Because this site doesn’t manufacture the clothing, they simply gather up links from other web retailers and put them all in one place. And, besides, she did speak to the quality of this sweater.

  8. mrsmelissasg says:

    Love that cardi! The detailing is the perfect touch!

  9. Eli says:

    Very pretty :) Pink IS your colour!

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