Modest Dressing – 4

Today I am modeling my dress down look. This was written yesterday, on Sunday, and I had stuff to do inside the house, and ran a few errands. I live in my denim skirts. I have a few, but my two current favourites are the ankle length one I am wearing here, and a black denim one, that is also long and straight.

When I am dressed down, I generally won’t wear a sheitel (wig), unless I feel it’s necessary – like if I am going to a shiur or something. I always try to match my tichel (headscarf) to what I am wearing. I do like to match. Sometimes I over-match, but that’s just me. I am not very good with patterns, so I generally shy away from them.

The beauty of an outfit such as this, is that I can do a quick change and dress it up if I need to. Throw on a wig, swap out the blue top for a fitted jacket, put my lenses in, add a little more make up, and it’s a whole nother look.


Tichel – $7.00 from DoubleHeaderUSA .The tichel is lovely – the pattern is a little different from the usual Israeli style tichel and is beautiful, especially for this time of year with the leaves falling from the trees. I love the size too – folded over into a triangle it still covers all my hair and leaves plenty of room.

Glasses from ZenniOptical  $12.95 (it’s hard to tell but they are black with hot pink).


Necklace from DoubleHeaderUSA. I love this necklace – it’s a long strand of blue and black glittery beads, and so versatile. Here I have knotted it at chest level, but it could look more dressy as a three strand choker.

White long sleeve tee shirt from Old Navy Kids -$6.99 on sale 2 years ago

Blue wrap top – $11.99, JACOB 3 years ago


Bangles from DoubleHeaderUSA. The bracelets / bangles in blue and black complement the necklace very well – but unfortunately are way too big for my skinny little wrists. Perhaps I should wear them above the elbow as cuffs?

Long denim skirt – $79.99, Ruthie’s (This is much more than I would usually spend on a denim skirt, however, I know I will get years of use out of it and it fits me well. I am as comfy in it as I would be in a pair of jeans).

Pretty Booties

Mid-calf denim boots – beaded and embroidered,  $39.99 Winners 3 winters ago.  Ah!! I love these boots. Totally impractical for winter and snow, but perfect for this time of year. They come up to mid calf, so I generally wear them under a very long skirt as I don’t want my legs to look stumpy. They are whimsical and classic and always elicit comments wherever I go.

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  1. mpf2011 says:

    You look great in everything. You are the only person I’ve ever seen who can make orthodox look hot. :)

  2. mrsmelissasg says:

    you are the queen of the orthofoxes! :)

  3. Donyel says:

    Very à la mode. I love the tichel/shirt pairing, and the necklace adds just the right touch of splash to the look… well done. You look wonderful!

  4. bebebling says:

    With your tiny wrists, you’d probably fit into our children bangles! Check out our site and I think you’d love our Skinny Mini. It’s a fairly inexpensive bangle and you can totally dress it up because it has the gold and cz stones! In the summer I wore two white Skinny’s and in the winter will mix it up with a black or gray.

  5. DTRS says:

    I have a question here, forgive me if i sound a tad naive. For someone who talks a lot about tzniut and sends their kids to “right wing” schools, isnt modeling on a blog, even modest clothes, not tzniut in and of it self?

    • HSaboMilner says:

      ” isnt modeling on a blog, even modest clothes, not tzniut in and of it self?”

      According to some, even blogging isn’t tzanuah. So there you go.

      What I am aiming to do with these modest dressing columns is to show women out there that dressing as a frum woman doesn’t mean dressing frumpy. That you can be stylish and funky and show your own personal look – without contravening any of the laws of modesty.

  6. DTRS says:

    Oh, I didn’t realize you do this as a service to frum women. I guess i was thrown off when I saw you specifically ask for free clothes from stores.. All the power 2 ya!

  7. Frayda says:

    You look so good! I love the matching tichel and the necklace is great. I love that you look put together even when you are dressed casually.

  8. Elle says:

    the thing that amuses me the very most about this post is that your dress down look is my dress up look! lol I don’t generally wear make up and necklaces and sparkly boots to the grocery or to do my laundry. but hey, to each their own I guess! :)

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