Modest Dressing – 3

I have been doing Physical Therapy to help with my back pain. I was concerned about what I should be wearing – and whether I could expect to keep my modesty while doing the various exercises that the PT needs me to do to strengthen my back.

Ready for PT Torture

After asking for advice from friends, this is the outfit that makes sense to me, while not looking frumpy. You can work out and be tzanuah (modest) at the same time. Wearing a long skirt, even with sweatpants underneath, is not safe – the skirt can get caught on the machines.

I am wearing a bandanna on my head that I have had for many years, it cost me a dollar.

Pink layering long sleeve tee was from Old Navy 4 years ago. It’s quite sheer, so you cannot wear it without a camisole underneath or something on top. I think I paid $9.99 on sale.

The black short sleeve tee is also Old Navy – kids section $7.99. I bought their XL (or size 14) as the neckline works better when wearing it under a sweater or something. I buy lots of my underneath tees at the kids section.

Skirt was $19.99 at Lollipop in Montreal. I actually bought it for my step daughter but it didn’t fit her well, so I tried it on, and kept it.

Leggings were $9.99 at Walmart. It isn’t clear on the picture, but they have the logo of the Montreal Canadiens (hockey team) on them.

Socks were $2.99, and the sneakers are a recent buy at Costco – $29.99.

Under $85!!

…and the best part? I think the PT is helping.

If your clothing company wishes to sponsor a future column of Modest Dressing, please email me at InThePinkBlog at Gmail dot com.

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  1. lady lock and load says:

    Awesome, when you are up to it we can go walking!

  2. balebusta says:

    Such a cute outfit! Glad the PT is helping!

  3. chana says:

    glad to hear PT is helping! hope it finishes the job

  4. We really need to make this a separate site….seriously. I love your look!!! But give us some of the smile….please :) You such an Orthojock :)

  5. Would that I could buy kids’ sizes!

  6. I think I need to check out the kids’ section now for underneath tees! I find many of them rise so high as to strangle me! This is a great workout look, and I am glad to hear that PT is working.

  7. kisarita says:

    I do not find it especially modest. The pants and t shirt I wear to the gym are certainly more modest. Not that I object Hadassah to women looking cute asn sexy, I just wouldn’t choose that outfit to exemplify modesty.

  8. kisarita says:

    (see my post about sheitels…)

  9. Beth says:

    Thank you for writing such a timely post! I am recovering from brain surgery and will be embarking on PT 3xweek that is guaranteed to include some not-so-modest movements. I’ve made the mistake of attempting long skirts and PT before, so much focusing on trying to stay modest didn’t allow proper focus on exercises. I thought my only option was baggy pants, but I will keep on the lookout for a shorter skirt and leggings.

  10. kisarita says:

    if you can see far enough under the skirt that you need the leggings, you’d probably be more modest and less compromised with the baggy pants

  11. batya says:

    You look great. That sort of outfit is very popular here. Years ago when I was the girls gym teacher I had so much trouble getting the girls to put sweat pants under their skirts. It looked too “Arab,” but now it’s stylish.

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