Modest Dressing – 2

Ok, this really is not going to be a daily feature, but I had to get dressed up again today to go to a bris in Far Rockaway, so I figured I would share with you.

All dressed for the bris

I love this outfit – it’s fun and flirty, yet modest. The black skirt is a staple – I only have about half a bazillion in my closet, but this is my favourite. The zipper goes the entire length of the skirt – can zip it all the way, or leave it open a few inches if you are so inclined. It is knee length and lycra and totally washable.

Skirt detailing

The white long sleeve tee is just your basic white shell that you can pick up anywhere. The purple top is cut on the bias – I am not sure how well the photo shows it. I love the flower detailing at the top. It’s loose and comfy and not constricting. However, because it is slightly A-line I do notice some women looking to see if there is a preggo belly protruding underneath. I wore stockings again today – the bris was in a shul, and I refuse to go barelegged to shul, even though I don’t care about being bare legged outside of it. It’s a respect thing.

detailing on the top

I was worried about how the other women would be dressed. Shouldn’t have been. However, note to self, the next time I attend a function in Far Rockaway at shul, wear a humongous hat to match my suit. Seems to be the way to dress out there.

So here is my costing (it’s approximate).


White Shell: Ruthie’s of Monsey (they really need to get online) about $20
Purple Top : Ruthie’s, on sale, $30
Black Skirt: Winners in Montreal, on sale, $19.99
Black Ballet Flats: Walmart, $14.99

Total under $100 once more.

I think my next modest dressing post will be what I wear on a dress down day….

I want you to note though, that I am not big into accessories. I have three pairs of earrings – gold hoops, diamond hoops and small pearl earrings. I wear the gold hoops during the week and the other two are Shabbat earrings. I almost always wear my necklace with the Hebrew letter HAY (for Hadassah) on it. My great uncle o.b.m made it for me by hand for my batmitzvah, and I have worn it daily ever since. I do change it when I get dressed for a wedding-  then I wear pearls.

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  1. Nora says:

    Very pretty, I love your skirt.

  2. Chaviva says:

    Do you wear insoles in your shoes? Otherwise …. that probably doesn’t help your backpain, toots!

  3. lady lock and load says:

    Love it! KoD, please buy lots of clothes for Hadassah so she can post more outfits on the blog.

  4. You’re a great bargain shopper! I have to ask, though, just because I’m not sure – do you not wear pants?

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