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glass_of_milk_and_bread_largeOne of my sons was makpid (particular) on Chalav Yisrael – that is milk that has been supervised by a rabbi through the whole milking, pasteurizing and bottling process. At the time that he decided to take it on, I wanted to encourage him in it. It sounded like he had thought through the whole advantage /  disadvantage thing. What could it hurt?

This week I had an epiphany. Having to go searching for milk at 7 am on a Sunday morning, let alone Chalav Yisrael milk, was totally an exercise in futility. There is nothing non-kosher about Chalav Stam (non-supervised milk). There is legislation in place that prevents the milk companies from adding non-kosher additives to the milk. The child has moved out of the ultra-holy phase he was going thru and I am sick of paying thru the nose for milk that spoils before its sell by date.

By my reckoning we will save about $25 a month with the amount of milk that we drink. I wonder how this Chalav Yisrael thing started anyway…

And while we are on the subject of supervised vs non-supervised, up in Montreal most of the OJs I know all buy bread from the kosher bakery. Hardly anyone buys Pas Akum – bread baked by a non-Jew. There are plenty of breads that have the hechsher (Kosher certification) but are not Pas Yisrael, have not been baked by a Jew. In Monsey it doesn’t seem to be as big a deal in the houses I have been to. What’s up with that??

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  1. shorty says:

    I look for hechshers, but not necessarily the full one fully supervised versions (unless it happens to be the only product and i need it). Gasp, i also wash my own lettuce and berries.

  2. Lady Lock and Load says:

    In New Hempstead, Wesley Hills area, many people are not makpid on pas yisroel. So you will find freihoffer bread in Wesley Kosher. But if you go to the stores in what we call main monsey, like shoppers haven, monsey glatt, hatzlocha, you only have pas yisroel bread and dairy is all cholov yisroel.
    I buy cholov yisroel milk, as per the request of my hubby. The dairy guy at wesley kosher told me to store the milk on the top shelf of my fridge and in the BACK and I have no problem with milk spoiling.
    Wesley Kosher is not open at seven a.m. sunday morning? They have plenty of cholov yisroel.

  3. tesyaa says:

    “The child has moved out of the ultra-holy phase he was going thru”

    LOL. I am constantly being called out for saying perfectly innocuous things that my teenager believes qualify for lashon hara status.

  4. Lady Lock and Load says:

    Oh, I see! I thought you were trying to find milk here in Monsey.
    Tesyaa, better they be ultra holy than the other way, right? ;) Many teens go through a very frum stage, myself included.

  5. shlomo says:

    “There is nothing non-kosher about Chalav Stam”- As I’m sure you know, it’s kashrut status is in fact disputed among the poskim, and there are obviously many authorities who feel it’s very much “non-kosher”.

    “In Monsey it doesn’t seem to be as big a deal in the houses I have been to. What’s up with that??”- Again, it could be a matter of social influence in these communities, but either way this is obviously also something that was decided in the past by the poskim, and is not up to individuals to decide (I mean, they can decide which opinion makes more sense, but not their own opinion….unless they have a reasonable knowledge of halachic literature).

  6. Baila says:

    Abbi, I knew that was you, even if you didnt’ sign off with your first name (“commenter”). You made me smile.

  7. YC says:

    Reason for chalav yisroel: make sure it is kosher, just like everything else in you house

    Bread: same reason

    BUT, yes there is a but

    When the degree was handed down on bread by and large the people did not take it on, bread is the staff of life, so it was dropped (either officially or by itself)

    Milk degree was accepted. As noted above R Moshe did say the USDA saying it was milk is enough.
    Click “food” then “food related issurim” for more info. R Jachter is a HS Rebbe a Dayan in NJ

  8. YC has it right.
    Most Jews (not including Chasidim who usually adopt all the food chumros) are not makpid on pas Yisroel, though it is a chumra that becomes more popular for aseres yemey teshuva. Cholov Yisroel in the US is a complicated issue. The basis for Rav Moshe’s heter is that government regulations would be a huge disincentive for any milk producer to put nonkosher milk into the bottles labeled for cow’s milk. However, that is not a universal, i.e. literally global standard. In any case, Rav Moshe considered it proper for yeshiva schools to serve cholov Yisroel. You may also notice that all NY area kosher pizza stores use cholov Yisroel cheese.

  9. YC says:

    The reason pas Yisroel popular for aseres yemey teshuva is because of the unique status it has. To take on a “true” minhag and drop it 10 days later is problematic.

    I am not the person to deliver this message so I will quote the person who said it, I assume the Chafetz Chayim: we need to be at least as careful about what comes out of our mouth as what goes in.

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