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We took a selection of kids to Chuck E Cheese yesterday to play on the machines. Don’t get me started on the appropriate-ness of it all – I already discussed that over here.

When you go in they stamp your hand with an ultraviolet number, the same number as everyone in your group, so that you don’t leave with someone else’s child. Anyhow. If you cannot see the number that is stamped on your hand, is it a chatzitzah or not? Do you have to attempt to scrub it off if you are preparing to immerse on the same day as you got stamped? Do you have to invest in an ultra violet light reader to see if indeed you were able to remove the stamp?

This is actually a serious question. It went through my mind yesterday as I was mindlessly tailing our 8 year olds through the place….

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  1. MelissaSG says:

    That is a *really* good question.

    I wonder what the Yoetzot hotline would say….

  2. It should be like any other ink stain on skin. You should try to scrub it off, as the ink is a layer upon the skin, but if it will not come off, b’deavad it should be fine.(CYLOR).

    • MelissaSG says:

      Good point. My pre-wedding immersion I had henna on already and it wasn’t a problem b/c it is fully absorbed into the skin. I imagine the same could apply to the stamp.

  3. batya from NJ says:

    Personally, I doubt it really it a Chatzizah b/c it’s not viewable by the naked eye & as long as the Mikvah attendant isn’t checking you over with an ultra-violet light, I think you are safe…Just my humble (non-Rabbinic) layman/woman’s opinion ;)!!

  4. Yonitdm says:

    I love these kinds of questions :) I personally think that if one soaked and washed in the proper manner, paying attention to washing the hand that was stamped, one could assume they got all the UV ink off. If you can’t see it or feel it on the skin, I doubt it would be a chatzitza. The link above is for hand washing, which is different than tevila.

    PS – if a paste of baking soda could get permanent marker off my hand and fingernail, I bet it’d get UV ink too :)

  5. Fascinating! It reminds me of when I got very light pink polish with a pedicure, and for the life of me, couldn’t quite tell if it was all gone. I used a lot of nail polish remover that day…

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