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Those of you who follow me on Twitter and FaceBook know that I basically live tweeted my thoughts throughout the whole farce that this memorial service was. I think I intended to start out respectful, but I kind lost my respect for the occasion quickly. Twitter gave me the fail whale five minutes before the end.

There was so much about it that was just so unnecessary and wrong. A man died. Three children have been left without their only parent. They have been forced to mourn in the public spotlight. His daughter Paris ended the ceremony with tears and a heart wrenching short speech. But the pomp was ridiculous. Here is a selection of my tweets…

  • am hoping that the cameras will leave jackos kids alone…..
  • that was just sick – clapping for his casket? euw….tasteless
  • dammit Mariah – its a funeral, cover your boobs!! jeesh
  • MAriah – stick to lip synching…..you suck
  • now Latifah – SHE is a lady…..
  • why didnt they put diamonds on the casket? it isnt shiny enough
  • omg Lionel just opens his mouth to sing and i cry…..
  • whats with the fake church backdrop? so cheesy
  • how do you top this? how can anyone possibly have a better funeral?? new fad – quiet low key services, what a thought!!
  • and i must apologize, it is so wrong to live tweet a funeral…..but this needs to be done
  • FYI – to top oneself in UK parlance, means to end ones life….can they please stop saying it???
  • oh please matching ties to a funeral? what?
  • whose this talking now?
  • again, cheering at a funeral……weird!! but berry gordy you spoke well.
  • i keep waiting for him to burst through the back drop…
  • bubbles, what happened to bubbles??
  • stevie wonder in the HOUSE!!!
  • Stevie you are gonna make me cry……
  • stop those cameras flashing, have some respect crowd people!!!
  • he is singing I nevere dreamed youd leave in summer…….tugging those heartstrings
  • what about the kids having to sit through this? their poor little hearts must be hurting so bad. spare a thought and prayer for his kids
  • yay Stevie……awesome tribute….
  • these dudes are tall!!! kobe bryant!
  • its magic johnson!!
  • magic johnson does not age!!!
  • oh look at the sparkly gloves on the brothers….gonna hurl
  • Jennifer Hudson – guess no one told her pregnant women shouldt go to funerals….
  • but J-Hud – you look good, this must be hard for you.
  • back up dancers and singers are making me sick – over the top
  • OMG its Michael…..talking from heaven
  • this is eeerie
  • love vigils??? al sharpton…..now he got old….
  • al sharpton “michael jackson brough blacks and whites and latinos together”
  • oh vomit vomit vomit…al shut up!!
  • sharpie, baby, this is not a rally…shut up
  • oh crowd people have some decorum stop yelling
  • jon mayer?? human nature? coz he knows all about it
  • jon actually shaved? wow!!
  • how many of these stars agreed to sing just to further their careers?
  • the man looks like he is in pain…
  • ok this is pissing me off – STOP THE YELLING< its a funeral!!!
  • brooke shields – keep it together girl, you’ll be fine
  • the first person to look visibly moved at this circus..brooke you have class
  • oh put your hair behind you ear already, its bugging me
  • you do not applaud a eulogy!!!
  • Jermaine Jackson……he still looks like a Jackson…..singing Smile
  • uh oh i feel a prickle at the bck of my eye
  • bernice king and martin luther king the third
  • oooh this man can speak and deliver….
  • i hate when they say G-d calls the person home because they were so good – are the rest of us so bad?
  • “the love of G-d” inspired the moonwalk and the crotch hold?? ok…whatevs…..
  • the man will be presented to benedict for sainthood by the end of the year…..come on people. he was not perfect!!
  • who wears green to a funeral?
  • congresswoman sheila jackson lee – wearing white
  • people are innocent until proven otherwise?” what – guilty??
  • oy vey – look at the man in the mirror…..cheeeesy
  • she speaks well – but i wish she would shut up.
  • resolution 600 – debate – michael jackson as an american legend and musical icon – wordl humanitarian
  • could i get me one of those for my office? please? a bill in the House? i told ya, sainthood is next
  • another brother – cool flower
  • whoops my bad, its usher, thought it was a brother coz the tie and boutonniere…..
  • those kids – so sad looking at them….they must be totally overwhlemed
  • oh they so knew how to dress in the 70s…..NOT!!
  • yay Smokey
  • how old is the dude?
  • he is dead, he cannot live forever and ever and ever, Smokey
  • one of your greatest blessings, smokey, is that you still have your own hair and teeth ;-)
  • “he is gonna live forever twice” – oh man……
  • and now…..shaheen whatsisface…….kid singing
  • kenny ortega……
  • i am gonna hurl…………
  • they are now showing some performances from what would have been his tour…..
  • ooh scary eyes
  • and there is a star of david up there…
  • we are the world…..
  • ok even i got goosebumps……air conditioner is too high
  • come on MJ – jump thru the back drop……Thriller…..come on I dare you!!
  • maybe they should shield the kids from the cameras??
  • and maybe they could cut blankets hair?
  • this was even more OTT than i expected
  • ok i am choking up…..dammit
  • oh man they let the kids on stage with chewing gum???
  • make a better place….heal the world….
  • thank u for sparing us Joe Jackson
  • jesse jackson looks like a zombie
  • twitter gave me a time out just at the end of the funeral. sucks

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  1. Frayda says:

    I can’t believe you did this! you are crazy

  2. indianred8 says:

    Imagine that as Michael looks down upon all the buzz and excitement and tears that his death has generated, it was worth his dying especially at the pinnacle of his career. Imagine that if he had lived to engaged himself in the concerts that he was obligated to do, he would have failed miserably as the super star he wants was. Imagine Michael’s drug addictions and cosmetic surgeries seriously damaging his breathing, respiratory system, stamina and endurance. Imagine there is a time and place for everything and his place and time came to a peak. Imagine God is good all the time and all the time GOD is good. Imagine Michael in heaven at peace with himself…

  3. shoshi says:

    Why did you watch at all?
    Was it not to be expected that it would be a farce when thousands of fans came to burry a man who died in lonesome misery?

    Was it not clear right from the beginning that the fans just came/watched to enjoy his last, posthumus show?

  4. J says:

    Why waste so much valuable time that you could have put to much better use?

  5. ayelet says:

    I want to say i didn’t like your tweets it was rather mean spirited , sarcastic and not very nice. I think what the family tried to do is let us we the public in on the memorial. from a memorial perspective it was well done. This man was known the world over. Many people have an MJ story to tell.

    sorry just saying and usually your post are so lovely.
    this side of you i did not like.

  6. hadassahsabo says:

    ayelet – fair enough. i just remeber when they did the service for Princess Diana it was so tasteful – this just didn’t seem the same to me. thank you for your honesty.

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