Mazel Tov Prince William and Kate

By now you all know that Britain’s heir to the throne, Prince William has become affianced to Kate Middleton, his girlfriend since 2003. In the UK right now preparations are running full steam ahead for another royal wedding, the likes of which haven’t been seen since Lady Di married Prince Charles when I was knee high to a grasshopper.

I remember that wedding – we had the day off from school. I was living in Cardiff, Wales at the time. We all (even my brothers) sat near the TV, with plates of food to keep us going. I was spellbound. The late Princess Diana looked like a dream and was so beautiful. I was so young yet I felt the awe and the emotion of the event.

I, along with most of my UK counterparts, was devastated upon Princess Diana’s death, and the TV footage of those poor little princes walking behind her coffin reduced me to floods of tears.

Now Prince William has chosen his bride, and the whole country will catch wedding fever like they did back then in 1981. I am not sorry to be away from the country right now, but will be watching the ceremony if it isn’t on a Shabbat.

I would just hate to be them, preparing for their big day in a constant spotlight. But if they would ask me for my advice I would tell them that getting married is a big deal, but the focus needs to be on the marriage and not the wedding. I just hope they have their priorities straight and don’t allow themselves to get caught up in the pomp and pageantry. That lasts for one day, one hopes that marriage lasts forever.

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  1. Risa says:

    What you say about marriage is true even for these folks. But, the pomp and the fishbowl life, well, that’s what they are all about. It doesn’t last one day. That IS what their real life is about.

  2. blogfollower64 says:

    Slight correction to your post – Prince Williams is second in line to the throne – Prince Charles is currently the heir unless the British Parliament find an excuse to dimiss Prince Charles based on his marriage to the Camilla Parker-Bowles-Windsor (I have no idea what her title might be)

  3. lady lock and load says:

    someone posted them on ONLY SIMCHAS! :)

  4. Dinky Londoner says:

    I doubt it’ll reach Charles & Di proportions – it’s a different generation, and we’re all more cynical now. Then again, we’re more celeb-obsessed too, so the coverage will still be huge (but probably more satirical).

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