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The school now has a new rule that no meat lunches are allowed. It used to be allowed two days a week, and my kids loved taking salami sandwiches, hot dogs etc (cold, euw, but they are boys). And now I am stuck. I have no fun ideas for lunches. No peanut butter, no meat, this one eats tuna with mayo, this one without, this one not at all, this one doesn’t want bread…..its a laundry list of dos and don’ts.


Its only day two and already they are bored with lunches. They could buy lunch every day but that gets prohibitively expensive. If they are responsible with doing their homework etc they get to buy lunch once a week, the day of their choosing (usually pizza and fries day).


So parent people of the blogosphere – what are your sure fire lunches to thrill the kids? Do you have any sage words of wisdom for this frazzled ferklempte mama?

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  1. Raizy says:

    Boys usually like cheese. Try cheese sandwiches (see if you can sneak some thinly sliced vegetables in there), macaroni and cheese in microwavable containers (if the school has a microwave), pizza sandwiches (ketchup or tomato sauce and cheese in pitas). Or try egg salad, falafel, pita with chumus, rice with vegetables, crackers and jelly, bagels and cream cheese. Hope one of these works for you.

  2. chanief says:

    It’s going to be a challenge for me too. My kids like next to nothing (one even hates sandwiches, so really, what the heck am I supposed to send for her?) I have a feeling mine are going to be eating a lot of cold grilled cheese and cold toasted bagels. Thankfully they like cut up veggies and fruit, so they’ll have a tiny bit of nutrition during the day. I keep hoping that if they get hungry enough they’ll be willing to try tuna or egg salad but so far it hasn’t happened.

  3. Lion of Zion says:

    your kids actually started school already?
    no sympathy from me.

  4. Mo-tech says:

    Try fake meat – you can get fakin’ bacon, sham ham, or pseudo sausage – all sorts of faux fleish that they just might like, and it will drive the school nuts every time they see it! :-)

  5. shoshi says:

    Wow, I have to make sandwiches almost every day, and it is not easy (and not too healthy either). Furthermore, you are right: if you have to eat cold stuff, it’s better to have meat, because it’s easier to feel full.

    So perhaps buy each of the boys a plastic container that is really well sealed (perhaps even micro-wave compatible), and start making salads:
    Here are some ideas:
    Mozarella (can also be goat cheese or the like), tomatoes, basilic (fresh)
    Potato salad with green been salad (or with fake Shnitzel, or both)
    Corn/tuna salad
    Tsatsiki (Cucumber finely grated, with a lot of garlick and yoghourt)
    Fried eggplants in yogurt with raw onion slices (has to stand in the fridge over night)
    Eggplant salad (with tomato sauce)
    Corn/Tuna/Tomato salad
    Cottage cheese (to be eaten with bread, but brought apart).
    Muesli: Porridge oats with yogurt and a grated apple & a variety of fresh fruits (nectarines, berries, grapes if you like)
    noodle salad (with cucumbers or pickles)
    (boiled) Carrots in curry-soya sauce
    Filled eggs.
    Filled tomatoes.

    Sandwiches: Try to take different kinds of bread (white, dark, pumpernickel)
    Egg salad with mayonnaise on a sandwich.
    Avocado sandwich (with a bit of lemon, and mayonaise if you like)
    Liptauer sandwich (Cream cheese with paprika, I don’t know the exact receipe, it’s a hungarian thing)
    Scrambeled egg on a sandwich (with fresh basilic & fresh tomatoes).
    Salmon sandwich with a bit of Salad/cucumbers/tomatoes.
    Broccoli or leach burgers with potato salad or on a sandwich.

    What I did not like too much as a child were sandwiches with whithe cheese, because the cheese would soak itself into the bread after a while…
    Do they have a microwave to warm things up?
    Rice with tomato sauce and tuna hamburgers.
    Rice with carrots in curry-soya sauce.

  6. shoshi says:

    and I forgot:
    all kinds of burekas (spinach, potato, etc)

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