I am often in disagreement with fellow Jews of Hungarian extraction over this dish. Most tell me that Letcho has sausage and rice in it, and no eggs. We all agree that it has peppers in it. The way my Savta made it, it had eggs. Lots of them. This recipe is similar to the one she used to make. I make it without the mushrooms as I am allergic.


12 ozs sliced mushrooms

1/3 Cup butter or margarine

1 finely Chopped small onion

2 finely chopped small green or red bell peppers

2 finely chopped large tomatoes

5 large eggs

salt and pepper, to taste

a dash of paprika


Sauté onion, mushrooms, peppers, salt and pepper in the butter for ten minutes.

Add tomatoes and simmer for 5 minutes.

Beat eggs and pour over.

Allow to cook until eggs are set.

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  1. Mark says:

    We (my great-grandmother a”h, grandmother, mother, and me) make it with all the ingredients* listed here except the eggs. Adding the eggs makes it similar to Shakshuka, perhaps the middle eastern version of letcho? Most of the time we use an oil other than butter because we want it to remain pareve (non-dairy and non-meat) to be eaten with a meat meal. Also, since my father NEVER eats mushrooms, we omit them for any meal including him.

    * Some of us will often replace the green peppers with green and yellow zucchini since quite a few folks in the family don’t like green peppers. It is just as tasty with a slightly “softer” texture!

  2. Marla says:

    My family makes it the same way – also without the mushrooms! Just preparing this takes me back home…

  3. Lady Lock and Load says:

    We made this in my Israeli school all the time but we called it Shakshuka.

  4. Rachel says:

    My Czech born mother and her cousin laugh about this all the time. He now lives in Israel, and routinely orders shakshuka in cafes because it reminds him of his Hungarian mother’s “letcho” which his wife never makes.

  5. Markoushka says:

    My wife is Israeli/ukrainian and we have spent a lot of time in both countries and eaten both Shukshuka and Letcho in both.

    Shukshuka is the typical Letcho recipe with the addition of eggs. I have never eaten Letcho with sausage, however that does not mean you cant add the Letcho. In my opinion Letcho is the Pepper base sauce that can have anything added to it.

    I use red peppers because I find them sweeter, I add a little muscavado sugar. We eat Letcho not as a meal but as a side (a kind of relish) Letcho is available in jars in most East European countries and many middle eastern ones also (particularly Israel).

    Thank you all for you advice its good to learn so many variations on a dish that we all agree is great.

    • HSaboMilner says:

      I read this comment early this morning, and now I am starving. Guess i will be making letcho for lunch. :)

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