Let it snow!

We were hit with about 15 inches of snow since lunchtime yesterday. The kids are off for a snow day and enjoying it – they have been outside building various snow forts. I went outside for a bit, picked up a shovel and was told by one of my sons that seeing as I am older than 35 I am not supposed to be shoveling. I wasn’t sure how to take that – is he being a gentleman because I am old, because I am his mother, because I am decrepit, or what??!! But then he redeemed himself. He told me that I should be making snow angels – because I am an angel myself.

So this is a pic of me in the snow!

Snow Angel

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  1. Alar Bean says:

    I think he was just concerned for your health. It may be urban legend, but each snow storm seems to have a story of a healthy person suffering a heart attack while shoveling snow.

  2. Z! says:

    This snow sucks. It is such a hassle!! In Canada, they were fantastic about clearing snow compared to NY. The minute the snow hits, the plows and salting/gravel trucks are out en mass in MTL- not so in NY. The garbage trucks with a shovel attached wait until the snow has stopped falling and then maybe do some of the main roads- ignoring the side streets and causing havoc!
    I hope it melts quickly!

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