Ladies of the night

What woman is worth a few thousand dollars an hour? What can she do that a “cheaper” lady of the night cannot? This conundrum has been consuming me for days. After several conversations with friends and reading a whole bunch of different editorials, articles and columns, the conclusions I have drawn are the following:

It is not what she can do for the exorbitant amount of money, it’s the status symbol that comes with hiring her or her co-workers. Any simple guy can drive down to the red light district and pick up a hooker. Any average John can call an escort service from the yellow pages and get what he pays for. (ok in the interest of fairness, any average Jane can do the same). These particular prostitutes have no pedigree. You don’t know where and with whom they have been and maybe for some that is part of the excitement.

Now, if you want to feel that you have made it in this world you spend more money. A rich guy doesn’t buy his dress shoes at Walmart. He will shop in an upscale boutique where he will drop thousands of dollars on a hand made pair of loafers that look identical to the 29.99 ones at Walmart. But the knowledge that what he wears cost him a lot of money makes him feel like he is somebody. The same with hiring expensive hookers. Logically, one assumes, that the only other clients they have been with are just as rich and powerful as Mr rich guy with the fancy shoes therefore they are above reproach. I can see the logic even continuing, that because they are above reproach none of them carry any diseases or STDs therefore these hookers are certified disease free, therefore worth all that extra moolah.  And if they are being hired only by other rich boys looking for toys, that puts Mr rich guy in the kind of company he wants to be in. Of course this is all pure conjecture. But the thought process makes sense to me (me, a woman who totally doesn’t get the paying for sex thing…..).

If she is being paid thousands of dollars for an assignation, she won’t want to kiss and tell, because there is more money where that comes from. Honestly the idea of making thousands of dollars for an hour’s work – well, I can see how tempting that can be. But I was not born to sell my favours for any price. But if I knew I could get a record deal out of it…….nah, still no.

It’s not what this expensive hooker can do for this man’s sexual needs that puts her in such a high income bracket, it’s what her price can do for his ego. And we all know what an erogenous zone the ego can be.

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