It’s good that he reads

Really. It’s a huge gift that the boys love to read, and that they are most relaxed when curled up with a good book.

I am trying to finish off a few projects for work after tucking the little one into bed (only five times tonight at the last count). But, he keeps finding words that he cannot pronounce or doesn’t understand what they mean.

After about the 7th interruption (I should know better than to try and work while it’s quiet in the house) I told him that I am NOT a dictionary.

He thought for a second and said “You could be. You are full of words.”

What on earth did he mean by that? Was it just an innocent statement or was he saying I talk a lot? Is that a bad thing? Is it a good thing? Do I need more chocolate as I ponder this?

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  1. MokumAlef says:

    It seems that you should ask HIM that ….

  2. batya from NJ says:

    He meant that he thinks you are very smart & have a vast knowledge of vocabulary so why should he bother with a boring old dictionary when mommy is way more convenient than that ;)!!!

  3. Mark says:

    Really truly a HUGE gift. Me and my wife are both voracious readers. D11 is a big reader, D9 can’t be stopped (i.e. we have to yell at her a few times every night to shut the book and go to sleep), D8 not so much. S5a and S5b just learned to read recently and so far it appears that S5a will be a big reader. S5b not sure yet.

    Regarding difficult words, I tell them all that that is the one thing I don’t mind being interrupted for.

  4. A blessing that they read – and your son is a charmer !

  5. fille says:

    well, this is what they say in german:
    Ein Mann – ein Wort
    eine Frau – ein Wörterbuch

    a man – a word
    a woman – a dictionnary

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