Israel Packing List

Israel Packing List

My son has asked me to ask my “people” what he needs to pack for Israel.  He has a two bag, 140 lbs weight allowance. He’s going to be heading to ulpan for the first 5 months, and then soon after will be drafted into the army for up to three years.

What types of things should he shlepp with him, and what should he have me bring when I fly out within the year to check up on him …erm, to visit family? I have told him to stock up on underwear, deodorant and socks. But I am sure there are things that he cannot get there that he should bring. I know we had this discussion briefly yesterday on Facebook, but let’s have it here so we can keep everything in one place for Aryeh’s easy reference.

He has created an Amazon wishlist – so that people who care can buy him stuff. Also, please suggest more items for him to add if necessary.

Additionally, if you are in Israel and wish to open your home to him as many of you have offered, please fill in your info here: Aryeh’s Contact List.

Any other advice for Aryeh? Tentative Aliyah date is August 12th 2013.

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  1. Bracha says:

    I live in Israel and have three sons, ages 18, 21 and 24. The middle one is in the army now. We buy deodorant and underwear here. Deodorant (american brands like right guard and speed stick) are often on sale at Superpharm. And – surprise! – Israelis wear underwear and socks, too! You can buy good cotton boxers and t-shirts everywhere, at decent prices. Soldiers wear extra-heavy socks, which you can even buy in Machane Yehuda. So I’d say Aryeh should stock up on jeans and other pants, which are much more expensive here, and maybe not the style he’s used to, and the same for shoes and sneakers. Actually – I just bought my son saucony sneakers here with a groupon, at a very decent price. Aryeh should also bring any food/nosh that he can’t live without. And a fleece jacket and something warmer and waterproof. B’hatzlacha to Aryeh!

  2. Vanessa says:

    Although I haven’t lived in Israel for a long time now, I remember being told “bring your favorite toiletries”. And I soon learned that it’s a waste of valuable space. You can get perfectly fine Israeli brand deodorant, shampoo, soap etc. at decent prices, and imported brands often go on sale. Use the space for things like good quality clothing and shoes, which are tremendously expensive in Israel. Buy extra pairs of sneakers, jeans etc. I wouldn’t even bother with the food items (Americans coming to Israel for a year always made me laugh with their case full of white tuna and macaroni & cheese). They say the most successful olim are those who adjust their consumer habits to Israeli products, and it does make sense. How much more precious will those snack foods be when Ima brings them when she visits!

  3. Shlomo Toren says:

    Depends where he is going to be. Too many possesions is too many worries. For sure he needs a full wardrobe, summer and winter. Of course a laptop, even a laptop and something smaller for traveling. Good shoes (they are cheaper in the US).

    Israel isn’t what it was 30 years ago and even then, in retrospect, lighter is better and easier until you have a place where you do not have to move every 6 months.

    A list of contacts can go a long way. My brother always have children of friends from the States (they made aliyah 15 years ago). It is just family by a larger definition.

  4. Gavi Nelson says:

    Hey, my name’s Gavi! I was in Yeshivat Hakotel this past year and decided to make it permanent (I’m making aliyah!) this coming august. I’m flying out on the same flight (August 12th!), as long as I get my aliyah visa (:P). Well I can tell you that there were a few things I “couldn’t live without.” Really everything is available in Israel, but there are things that always ease the transition. Stock up on toothpaste, deodorant, and other toiletries. Though shampoo, body wash, and laundry detergent are easily bought at stores like superpharm. Based on you saying he’s going to be in a 5 month ulpan im guessing he’ll be on a kibbutz, where they do laundry for you so that’s great. They also have great, cheap prices at their makolets. Make sure to bring a raincoat, as the rain season isn’t that long but its intense, raining for whole weeks at a time. Hiking boots are key as well. If I think of anything else I’ll comment again, but I’m looking forward to meeting you at the airport!!!!!

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