Invitation Weirdness

Invitations to the barmitzvah have gone out. One of my friends called me up asking me who had sent the invitation, because, she said, there was tremendous weirdness on the back of the envelope.

I had sent it out straight from the post office, and there was nothing weird about it. I had her scan in the envelope – that had been opened and taped shut. Obviously it was delivered to the wrong place, even though the address on it was correct.

What do you make of this “message”?

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  1. Mark says:

    A nut, of course. The question is, a Jewish nut, a Christian nut, or a JFJ nut.

    What’s on AM 760 in your area?

  2. HSaboMilner says:

    So it took some digging – Champlain NY (!!) has a radio station at 760 AM for Christian Contemporary, Religious…..

  3. ErikaChaya says:

    Oy vey. So, it doesn’t seem as though someone at the Post Office did this, right? If THAT were the case, I’d be lodging a FULL COMPLAINT to them. If this was delivered to some odd person, and then forwarded to the person it was intended for… I just don’t know what to say. Some kooky nut giving their (unwanted) two cents. But then they were kind enough to still ofrward on the the recipient? I don’t get it.

    When my parents got married 35 years ago, they were inter-faith. (My dad has since converted to Judaism, but at the the time, was not Jewish.) My mom said she got the most horrendous “comments” on the RSVPs from my dad’s Christian family members.

    Whomever did this is a religious nut. Plain and simple.

  4. fille says:

    I think it was a christian missionary nut…

  5. Yonitdm says:

    Wow, that is strange. I’d be curious to poll other invitees to see if this showed up anywhere else!

  6. f says:

    A postal employee must have done it- she/he saw it was for a jewish person

  7. LP says:

    Wow, that is very strange. If they opened the invite up in error, why write that????

  8. Sar says:

    I would think that it would have gone to the wrong place and was sent back with that message. I assume you probably mailed them in bulk, so why open one and write on only one? I would think the person who got it in the wrong place would have written that, that’s what the Sorry -> was about, they were sending it back or forwarding it back to the post office.

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