Interesting addition to the lunch box

What interesting item did your child ask you to pack in his/her school bag today? Mine asked permission to take along a space heater and extension cord to school as there was no heat in his class.

If everyone in his class did the same thing, perhaps the electrical circuits would get overwhelmed. Maybe they would blow power to the whole school? Maybe that was the intent?

Le Sigh.

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  1. leah says:

    In Israel, schools are not allowed to operate when there is no power and no heat. I live in a small community, so if there is a power outage in the winter, we get a call to pick the kids up from school.

    How can kids go to school without heat in Canada? I still get shivers from a January visit to Toronto 15 years ago. (Just kidding; I was born in Russia).

  2. Rebecca says:

    If all the kids did that, I would be afraid of G-d forbid a fire, and then getting all those kids out of the school. You have mentioned the miserable conditions of the school before, ie the bathrooms, do you pay for your children to go to this school? I am sure you have complained but, I would bet that a woman complaining does not hold too much weight. I hope for your childrens’ sake, (and u 2 of course) that those visas come quickly, and you are outta there.

    • HSaboMilner says:

      complaining doesn’t do much good anyway. I gave them 24 hours to fix the problem. I hope by tomorrow morning they have the heating working again.

      • Z! says:

        Here, in NY, they have something called 311. it is a city agency set up to allow people to make complaints and have accountability.

        Threatening them with some city agency (EI. health dept., Buildings dept.) won’t make you popular, but it will get you heat!

  3. Frayda says:

    Crazy! They couldn’t move the class to another room with heat? Maybe a davening room, lunch room, or multipurpose room?

  4. HaSafran says:

    Your son obviously has too large of a lunchbox.

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