I’m so sexy it hurts? I think not!

What on earth is wrong with the world today? In a rest stop somewhere on the Northbound I87 I came across this onesie – what were they thinking? It was bad enough when I saw an 8 year old girl with a tee that had the legend “Future Porn Star” – but sexualizing infants? Is it supposed to be funny? Do I just not get the joke? Maybe its just as well I have no daughters…I would never let them out of my sight…


What do you think? Heinous or Harmless?

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  1. Leora says:

    Pathetic. Definitely not harmless.

  2. Gitty Levi says:

    Euw, creepy and just plain yucky

  3. You are right. It is not a joke, if it is I also don’t get it. It is pathetic.

  4. Jacob da Jew says:

    I think its a play on some obscure song.

  5. fadumpt says:

    The 8 Year Old one is worse.

    With a baby it can go both ways…funny (especially with the song reference) or dumb…or both….

    but 8 years old…”Future Porn Star” is as bad as letting them put on a ton of makeup to look “hot”…Don’t let them into that world until _*MUCH*_ later on.

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