Hollywood Separations – a vent

I am so sick of reading about these Hollywood couples that are separating and divorcing and pledging that they will remain the best of friends and they only want the other person to be happy and fulfilled.

It’s a bunch of hogwash!!

Every separation is painful, no matter how called for it is, no matter if it’s what both sides want. It takes a lot of time (and therapy perhaps) to get to the point that you truly wish the other person well. And when you have been living your life in the public eye, it must be even harder.

But then again their press people can’t really say “our client hates her ex’s guts and plans to get every penny he has, so that even if he has run off with his flavour of the month, he won’t get to spend any money on her, and if he brings that woman within 10 feet of her children she will call the police”.

Why do I even read any of these stories? They just get under my skin.

I just hope they all remember to put the children first. Children are so precious – don’t let them be dragged through the mud too.

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  1. Dovid says:

    You say “It’s a bunch of hogwash!!Every separation is painful, no matter how called for it is, no matter if it’s what both sides want.” On the surface you are right. Anytime you have to people that are emotional vested in a relationship there is a tremendous amount of emotional giving, hard work, compromise, dedication, etc.,that led to that point. That is what makes the split hard. In lala land there is none of this. It is simply an itch to get onto your next conquest or to further your career. there is none of the toil that makes a break up hard and painful.

  2. deylansmama says:

    *sigh* I agree with you, and wish that our society placed less importance on celebrities in general but especially their private lives.

  3. Ruth says:

    This blog post shows a lot of compassion and human feeling.

  4. Ah, those Hollywood lives are like a train wreck. One big, long train wreck. You don’t want to look, but it’s so compelling (and it’s right there in the check-out line, anyways). Those “relationships” tend to make me grateful that I’m frum, you know? That I have different role models and examples than the Hollywood “ideal” of “marriage.”

  5. i don’t understand why actors’ divorces are newsworthy. or anthing about actors’ personal lives.
    i’m happy actors exist because i love going to the movies, but i’m not at all interested in their real lives.

  6. Batya says:

    Their lives, loves etc are so public. That must be awful. They have pr staffs to say all the pc things they want to say.
    Dass, I understand that this pressed a button.

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