He’s so special – different kid!

My sixth grader’s class is partaking in a program run by the Chofetz Chaim Foundation. I haven’t seen any literature for it, but my son explained it to me. By behaving nicely, and not talking badly to people and about people, in class and at recess, the boys can earn a letter in a Sefer Torah that is being written. They need 20 points to earn one letter. When they have earned their letter, the rebbe / teacher sends in a form, and the boy gets a certificate telling him which is HIS letter.

My son earned his first letter yesterday and came home so excited to tell me about it. I have noticed he is being more patient with his younger brother, and taking a deep breath before asking his brother politely to please stop annoying him ( :) ). He can’t earn points at home, but it shows he has become more aware of his behaviour and his speech. He told me he wants to work towards at least one more letter. He’d be really thrilled if HIS letter is in his barmitzvah parsha next year.

So proud of my little HockeyFan!

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  1. Chav says:

    It’s always nice when the kids are trying to be more respectful of each other no matter what motivated them. It definately makes for a more peaceful home life:) Way to go Kid!!

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