Hair Covering Limericks

Come one, come all.

So the other night on Twitter we were discussing the Urban Wrap – which is a way of wearing a tichel / headscarf. We tend to get a little silly when it gets past 8 pm. I shared a limerick with @lionsima and @jrotem.

There was a young lady so urban
She wrapped up her hair in a turban
Her clothes were so chic
Her figure so sleek
She kept all the heads a-turnin

@lionsima jumped into the fray with:

there was a young lady so urban,
her hair was tied up in a turban.
She wished to be seen
as a model of green,
but alas, she drove a Suburban!

Today @jrotem got back to me with:

There once was a lady whose hair
Was left most immodestly bare
She said “oh confound it!”-
Can’t wrap my head ’round it!
So I’ll wrap round my head with some air!”

I hereby open the floor to all of you – come up with some hair-covering limericks. Please no young ladies from Nantucket. Thanks!

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  1. jrotem says:

    Now that you’ve got me started I might have to do another Chanukah limerick contest this year; in case you don’t remember (or never saw) last year’s, it’s here — scroll down:

  2. mrsmelissasg says:

    the married young lady had hair
    she always covered with flair
    though she aimed to be modest
    she simply was hottest
    and passerbys always would stare

  3. Chaviva says:

    I have ZERO limerick skills. Someone write one about me!?

  4. jrotem says:

    There was a young lady quite spunky
    Who had spiky hair sort of punky
    When she went religious,
    Her hair-do prodigious,
    Went the way of hats fabu and funky.

  5. Yonit says:

    For the lady, stylish and smart
    Hair covering can be quite an art.
    Whether scarf or chapeau,
    Or wig, as you know,
    The variety is the best part!

    This look I am sporting is phony
    for beneath this sleek and smooth pony
    Is a girl with a curl
    Giving straight hair a whirl
    My religious life includes fake hair & fake pepperoni.

    Boy did life change when I married!
    Now on mornings so frantic and harried:
    I step out of bed,
    Slap a hat on my head
    For a quick look both stylish and varied.

    The many coverings amassed
    Creates scores of looks, truly vast.
    No more time, no more trouble
    Taming hair poofed up double.
    Bad hair days a thing of the past.

    And I could be at it all night, with the limericks I could write, but I’ll cease and desist, so no sleep will be missed, I get carried away in delight!

  6. jean says:

    I think we have a champion…

  7. Dr. Goose says:

    A modest young lady from Midwood
    Hid her locks inasmuch as a lid would;
    Should one stop, stare and shout
    If her curls tumbled out?
    Well, many a curious kid would.

  8. There once was a shiksa quite fair,
    Who asked, we suspect, on a dare –
    Why one had to wear dresses
    And cover one’s tresses
    With a wig that looked…just like hair.

    It’s actually a serious question. ;)

  9. jean says:

    Holly, plenty of Jews ask this question too. :)

    • I’m glad to hear that, jean. (I’ve wondered this for years, really.) I’d originally just dashed this off and sent it to Hadass, after she shared the link to these wonderful limericks (she egged me on and suggested I post it here, so now I can honestly say it WAS on a dare, of sorts). ;)

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