Grade Six Grad

Prince Hopalong Squiggs graduated elementary last night. In Quebec, that means graduating grade 6. It was a lovely evening, that really celebrated the boys. I took my boys out for dinner just before the graduation, to our favourite local eatery that we have been frequenting since the year dot. (KoD and I actually got married there in their banquet room). Used to be I ordered them each a kids meal and myself a grown up meal. Not anymore. K’neine Horah they can eat well! The littlest dude still has a kids meal, but the others all ordered Chinese dishes, although, they asked for French Fries instead of rice. They ARE still kids.

It would not have been a proper ceremony without a kid knocking down the mechitzah nor without it being held on a hot day with no air conditioning. As Squiggy’s rebbe was speaking the mechitzah started to topple and he lunged forward to save it. No one was injured and he carried on his speech as if nothing had happened. He presented each of the boys with a certificate, and as he did so he mentioned a few sentences about each boy. (I saw a lot of eye rolling amongst the class). Squigg’s class apparently clubbed together to buy him a gemara as a farewell gift and they told him he will be missed. (No move date yet, before you ask).

The grade 6 boys were happy to have graduated and are thrilled about starting High School here in the fall. We are praying to be able to start school in NY in the fall but that is all in G-d’s hands (and US Immigration!!).

Picture below depicts the mechitzah – I hate that they use them, the men and women don’t need to be able to sit together, but does the mechitzah have to be so stark and ugly?nafs grad 010

Next on the agenda for Squiggs – finalizing barmitzvah stuff and enjoying summer without school.

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  1. Raizy says:

    Congratulations to Squiggs!

  2. Z! says:

    MAZEL TOV!! Wow- he looks so handsome! THX for the pics.

  3. hadassahsabo says:

    can you believe how grown up he is? where did the time go, Z!, where did it go??

  4. Z! says:

    I’m really not sure! Some of the times were good, other times were not so good (to say the least!) BH we can both say that times are V good now. May we both feel the days pass quickly, and enjoy every minute.

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