Got Milk?

We had a wonderful Shabbat near Washington with family. Truly restful and full of great food and company.

We left right after Shabbat and of course because we had a long drive home (4 hours or so) we needed to fill our veins with caffeine. So we stopped off at a 7-11 before hitting the highway. Generally, when you get coffee from a 7-11 establishment you can choose between putting milk, cream, or non-dairy creamer in your coffee. This place only had half and half which the KoD and I do not add to our coffee. We like coffee with MILK. No substitutes.

So we asked the employee if she could provide us with milk for our coffee. She said that we had to use what was there. We explained to her that it was cream or half and half and that we wanted normal milk. It took her a long time to understand exactly what it was that we wanted. Then she explained to us that half and half IS milk with water added. Really? I never knew that. She refused to give us any milk. How hard could it have been to open a bottle of milk so that we could have our coffee the way we like it? She acted as if we were asking her to compromise her principles or something. Discussing with her did not help. Surely we couldn’t have been the only customers to ever ask for milk?!

We left. Obviously we were not going to get anywhere with her. We drove a couple of blocks to another 7-11. They had milk there. Several types. All waiting to be poured into our coffee. We told the employee there what happened at the other one. He shook his head in amazement.

We were thankful to have coffee in hand, and we hit the road. Now, every time we go into a 7-11 for coffee we will think “Got Milk?”


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  1. E' says:

    so weird.
    not only that, but please excuse my ignorance, but I thought half and half was half cream half milk?

    I sure hope she wasnt the manager of that store…

  2. that *is* truly odd! in those cases i always think, “does it really matter?” ie: even if you were the first people to *ever* ask for milk and she wasn’t used to the request, does it really matter? how much effort could it possibly take to help? and the message of helpfulness, kindness, etc? way more worth it than the trouble to argue! thank goodness 7-11s are plentiful?! :)

    • HSaboMilner says:

      the more i think about it, the more i wonder if it was her first ever shift on the job and she didn’t want to mess up….possible!

  3. mekubal says:

    Then she explained to us that half and half IS milk with water added. Really? I never knew that.

    You probably never knew that, because it is not true. Half and Half is half milk, and half heavy cream. To quote the wiki entry:
    In the United States, half and half almost always refers to a very light cream typically used in coffee. The name refers to the liquid’s content of half milk and half cream. Its butterfat content is about 12.5%,[2] which makes it low-calorie and more stable in coffee. It is widely available in the United States, both in individual-serving containers and in bulk (usually not requiring refrigeration). It is also used to make ice cream. The same product is known as half cream in the United Kingdom.

    Sounds like you ran into an employee on an off night, or one who for obvious customer service reasons won’t be around that long.

  4. Z! says:

    7-Eleven Comments, Feedback, Suggestions:* Please give us your feedback. If you have comments, suggestions or complaints about a specific 7-Eleven store, its personnel, products or services, please complete the Store-Related Customer Comments Form.

    We have complained about several 7-11′s in NY and NJ with regards to treatment and product. They are always very helpful. Do your civic duty!

  5. Judit says:

    wow, that was really an odd experience … good thing the other place did have milk. i think you should feel sorry for that first employee instead of anger. can you imagine how boring her life must be if this is what makes her day … denying milk …

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