Gift Etiquette

When you are invited to a social function by a friend – like a barmitzvah or a wedding, or even a birthday dinner, and you bring a gift, you generally sign the card from yourself and your spouse. Sometimes from the kids too. That’s a no-brainer, right?

But what if you are invited to a similar occasion by a business associate? You know them through work, and don’t much socialize. But they wanted to include you, as a representative of your company, in their event, be it a wedding, a bris or a barmitzvah. Your spouse joins you at this celebration, and you bring a gift. Your business is paying for the gift. Who do you sign the card from? Yourself and your spouse? Just yourself? Yourself and your company? Or “your friends at So-and-so Company?”

Curious as to what you think….

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  1. sheldan says:

    Since you are representing the company, I would guess that “your friends at So-and-So Company” might be your first choice. Since you may not socialize much with the business associate, a second choice might be “your name and So-and-So Company.” In any event, I don’t see in this case that your spouse’s signature is needed.

  2. I think I agree with Sheldan!

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