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Ever notice how on every single cooking show every piece of equipment they use looks like it was just bought new? Nothing shows that it has been lovingly used for 15 years, no pot has a dent in it from the time you dropped it on the floor when your best friend told you a shocking secret while you were cooking, there has been no wear and tear on the mixer, no splashes or splotches on the stovetop, nothing burnt in the oven.

While I would dearly love for my kitchen to be that spotless all the time, it just isn’t practical at all. My kitchen looks well used and well loved.

My favourite item in my kitchen? My pink enamel soup pot that I make chicken soup in every single week. The pot cover’s handle is in the shape of a heart. It was a gift from a girlfriend a few years ago.

So my questions for you – how spotless is your kitchen? What’s your favourite item in your kitchen and why?

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  1. I cant stand my kitchen being cluttered or dirty. ts is impossible for me to work like that.
    My favorite item in the kitchen is hands down my beautiful 10 piece Wusthof Culinar knife set. I cant imagine preparing food without it.

  2. Dovid says:

    Food has to be cooked with love and emotion. You never get that from brand spankin new pots.

  3. Dovid says:

    I would rather take pots from my mother or grandmother rather than buying new ones.

  4. Miriyummy says:

    My kitchen is a total hodgepodge mess. There’s no way I could cook in a Food Network kitchen, too clean, too new. My favorite thing in my kitchen is the hockmesser and wooden bowl I inherited from my mother. Chipped, scratched, nicked and full of love and family tradition. When my husband and his ex divorced and split the kitchen toys he fought over a beat-up old baking tray. It’s bent and scratched and makes the most amazing roast potatoes.

  5. Baila says:

    My favorite kitchen accessory is my dishwasher. His name is Isaac. He looks quite cute with his sleeves rolled up and his hands int he sudsy water. And he always (well, mostly) gets the job done.

  6. Linda says:

    I love my Santoku knives. I have a small one for the meat sides of things and a large one for dairy. I also love my two immersion blenders (meat and parve) and my Oshizushi kit ( which I unfortunately don’t use all that often!

    Foodie alert over here :)

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