Eleven Divorces?

This article talks about a man who has married and divorced eleven times. He has only one child. He says he gets married, then after two years it’s time to look for fresh meat a new spouse. The women that married him after divorce #3 or #4 – what on earth were they thinking? He obviously has a well established pattern here. Look, people make mistakes, have marriages that were so badly thought out, rebound marriages, marriages that worked for a bit and due to whatever circumstances, divorce was necessary, but this guy doesn’t even try to explain it any other way.

According to the article:

The man, whose divorces were performed both in Israel and abroad in accordance with Halacha [Jewish law], said his custom is to divorce his wives every two years and look for a new bride immediately after.

“I throw out a hook and the fish come on their own,” the man reportedly said.

The Rabbinate should stop allowing this man to get married. It makes a mockery of the whole establishment of marriage. He has no intention of ever staying married. He’s only 50. I am sure he thinks he can get married at least another 15 times. He’s probably religious – otherwise he wouldn’t need a ketubah (marriage contract) for the next “experience”.

Le sigh.

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  1. That is sooooo insane… but the worst is the crazy women that marry him? Are they aware of the situation?

    • hadassahsabo says:

      one would hope so – but I highly doubt he was honest with them.

      • mekubal says:

        You might be surprised at the level of honesty he gave them. I know a kiruv Rabbi that is currently on his fifth wife. He was dating her, before he even started the proceedings for a Get with his fourth. Since my wife and I knew of him and knew the girl we tried to dissuade her. For some reason she thought she would be different then the previous four- halavai.

        However the man in question, from the girls own lips, had no problem telling her that he prefers a younger woman who hasn’t already had a couple of kids, so after a while his wives become disgusting to him. Yet she was convinced that he was a Tzadik, it was the fault of the women, and that she would be different…

        We will soon see.

        • hadassahsabo says:

          ugh, that makes me so sick :(

        • batya from NJ says:

          right, each stupid woman thinks that it’ll be different with her of course…just like women who cheat with married men & think that when they marry the “winner” he surely won’t cheat on them until they are usually proven wrong…

        • sheldan says:


          This sounds hypocritical to me…I would think that a religious person would be concerned about the appearance of impropriety regarding seeing someone else while he was still married.

          People like what you describe give Orthodox Judaism a bad name.

          • batya from NJ says:

            sheldan, unfortunately the orthodox world has it’s share of hypocrites who do a very good job giving other orthodox judaism a bad name. another sad truth indeed :(!

  2. Lady Lock and Load says:

    “I throw out a hook and the fish come on their own,” the man reportedly said. I think he needs to get his “hook” neutered.
    Such a disgusting comment to make. Reminds me of Rod Stewart, who says a marriage lisence (sp?) is like a dog lisence, should be renewed once a year (with another woman).

  3. mekubal says:

    He’s probably religious – otherwise he wouldn’t need a ketubah (marriage contract) for the next “experience”.
    Actually in Israel there is no other way to get married. If he is an Israeli citizen and wants his marriage(or divorce) recognized in Israel there is no other way.

    Not to say that this precludes him from being religious, I know Rabbis that are trying to give him a run for his money. But it cannot be assumed on account of the theocratic nature of Israel.

    • hadassahsabo says:

      let me be more explicit. if he wasn’t religious, he wouldn’t need to actually get married to have sex.

      • mekubal says:

        See and I thought he just got off on being able to convince some poor woman to actually commit to him despite his very checkered past.

        Oh and since he is unemployed he gets a much bigger stipend from the government, and tax break, then even the two of them would get individually. Thus I assumed he was just being mercenary on multiple fronts.

        • hadassahsabo says:

          so this is a financial thing too? I never thought of that. Guess I am way too honest….this whole thing just feels so slimy!

          • batya from NJ says:

            to me, it just sounds like an ego trip for the guy who IMHO seems to have serious issues & i feel badly for the stupid women who are desperate enough to go for him…

          • sheldan says:


            If you’re too honest, I am too. “Slimy” is a perfect word for this jerk.

    • sheldan says:


      He ain’t religious in my book… ;-)

  4. did you ever see the series 6 feet under? In one of the later seasons,The mom ends up being something like the 8th wife of this crazy guy, who had 7 ex wives in part due to his schizophrenia. The mom married him even though she knew he had been married 7 times before because a) they got married very very quickly, when she was still in the thralls of a new love and thought she could be different b) he didn’t tell her he had been married 7 times before until like right before they got married. (he also didn’t tell her about the schizophrenia at all, until after he had another episode and was back in a mental hospital).

    I doubt this guy is telling women he has been married 11 times before on the first date, or possibly even before they get married. If he is just “marrying” someone for 2 years and knows in advance that they will get divorced then that is not a marriage at all…that is just a halachic loophole so he can get it on with these ladies. An actual marriage involves a commitment to stay together for the rest of your life, although circumstances later sometimes makes that commitment impossible to fulfill.

  5. Mark says:

    It’s only a matter of degree, but will those Rabbis eventually allow “temporary marriages” a la -


  6. Jewish Side says:

    oysh, that’s really crazy. I’m reminded of something I learned last night. Which makes me think that that the guy isn’t keeping Taharas Hamishpacha with his wives, cause if he did then he wouldn’t need to divorce after 2 years to get a fresh new wife.

  7. melchettmike says:

    Good luck to him, I say! (By the way, if any readers of “In the Pink” are interested in dating me, I can be contacted via my blog.)

    Just come across your new blog, Hadassah, and I think I might have a good case for infringement of melchett mike copyright!

    Anyway, good luck with the new format . . . but you could at least have a link to your mentor’s blog!!

    melchett mike

    • hadassahsabo says:

      Mike, isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

      You can guest write for me any time. I took down my blogroll… someone smart told me that it isn’t good for SEO or something. (Benji Lovitt – can you ‘splain that again….was confusing)

      But here you go, just for you, coz you went to Hasmo….

      You guys, go read Melchett Mike coz a) he is an awesome writer, 2) he is a Brit just like me, and z) coz he is single and wanting to mingle.


  8. Frayda says:

    I read that article just before reading this post. IMO, this is disgusting. Marraige is something that should be special and should last way more than two years. This guy is a pervert!

  9. Chaviva says:

    I have a great-great-great grandfather, married 8 times, twice to the same woman (she was the first and the last, hah). Back in the day it wasn’t rare for this kind of a situation. But it was usually because someone died or something. Nowadays, it just seems obscene. And this guy, to come out and say that he’s doing it because he needs fresh meat every 2 years? Wow.

    One word: Narcissist.

  10. frumgoth says:

    Is there something we’re missing here about this guy? There must be a reason why these women agree to marry him. Is he a famous actor/athlete/author? Is he gorgeous? Personally, I don’t think that any of those are reasons to marry someone, but there are lots of shallow people out there who might. Also, why does he only have a child with one of the ex wives? Weird

    • batya from NJ says:

      FG, i’m sure he isn’t such a bargain but unfortunately there are desperate enough women out there who are willing to go for these creeps (or more correctly for this creep :)!

  11. Joel Katz says:

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  12. sheldan says:

    When I read this on JTA, I was the first one to comment on it. I don’t know who is more insane.


    (The things I learn on the Internet)

  13. sheldan says:


    “Le sigh”?

    Be careful of the language police! (Are they as purist about using French as I’ve heard there and in France?)

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