Do You Haiku?

Do You Haiku?

The art of the haiku is well known. You have a certain number of words and syllables in which to transmit your message. I never remember how many words or syllables, and my haikus just have always seemed to fall flat.

There is this new App that I came across called HEYKU (for the iPhone and iPad) that does the counting for you and builds the haiku with your own words. Here are some of mine. Download it today and have some fun with it.

Share your haikus with me in the comments if you wish.

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  1. Daniel W says:

    Sorry dear – those are beautiful sound bites but they are not haiku (5-7-5 or 3-5-3).

  2. i’m addicted to it! i love the app. thanks for the post!

  3. dplblog says:

    Looking online for
    the derivation of “pink”.
    Found this blog instead.

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