“It is with deep regret that I inform you that at 8 o’clock this morning passed away my trusty old friend, Mrs MicroWave. She helped our family out for 14 long years and will be sorely missed.”


OK, I know it sounds silly, but we became very dependent on our microwave. I grew up never having one and not knowing what to use it for. When I was a newlywed first time around I had to be shown what a microwave was for. Now, my microwave died and I felt major panic. How would I make the couscous for dinner tonight? How would I defrost my bagel for my lunch? How would I warm up yesterday’s mac’n’cheese? What about popcorn? How on earth would I cope?


There was but one choice. Replace her. Now. Today. Before her loss sinks in too much and I have to learn to live without her. Just so happens that I have a big strapping lad around this morning so I yanked his sleepyhead out of bed to come and shlepp for me. We trekked to Walmart – sadly not within walking distance if you have to factor in a microwave to be shlepped, and deliberated for a while in front of their selection of “micro-ondes”. We picked a great replacement, paid for it (how did they get to be so expensive?) and now it resides safe and sound in my kitchen.


Ah, what a relief. My mental equilibrium is restored and I can rest easy knowing that my microwave is young and healthy and will help us out for many years to come.  


(and it’s only 9h30!)

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