Dear Tznius Police…..

I received this question via email – because obviously I am the world’s expert on tznius…snortle….

“do you think dark colored nail polish attracts attention?  I like colorful polish but here in monsey many wear light colors even in winter for tznius reasons.”

Personally, in the winter I like dark nail polish, in the summer a french manicure, and I sometimes wear fire engine red just for the heck of it, and the longer my nails are, the better.

Nail polish colour, in my oh-so-humble opinion, has nothing to do with modesty. Shall we question dark lipstick too? Men look at women no matter what they wear on their nails. I think they are more concerned with other areas of the female body than the nails.

Girls, guys – am I right?

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  1. batya from NJ says:

    over the past several years i have become a big fan of manicures/pedicures & i particularly enjoy wearing dark colors such as chocolate kisses, wicked, & the like. that said, i DO feel that these colors are on the showy side & not necessarily the most modest color choices out there (as opposed to the light pink options) but i nonetheless enjoy wearing them & don’t feel that they attract much attention to the men out there…i certainly feel that a tight skirt & top would be much more immodest & attention grabbing than a dark shade of nailpolish. however, sometimes the concept of “minhag hamakom” needs to be respected in these cases. luckily for me, where i live it is not frowned upon to wear dark shades of nailpolish which is something i appreciate about my community. the same cannot be said about every community though & the old adage of “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” might apply in this case….

  2. Lewdmilla says:

    Considering all the wild stuff people do/wear these days, I can’t imagine any color that would set off fire alarms in men’s heads. There are too many other distractions.

  3. dark nail polish was not allowed in my modern orthodox high school. :) (neither was dark lipstick among seniors, any non-seniors weren’t allowed to wear any makeup but seniors were all dating so they could get married the month they graduated)

  4. oh and personally i love it. But then, I wore bright blue nail polish to my wedding :)

    • hadassahsabo says:

      i also own blue, and green…but sh! don’t tell anyone….lol

      • G6 says:

        My forays into blue seem to involve pedicures only.
        For my son’s wedding, I had the most beautiful rich navy to match my gown (and although I wore closed shoes, I took off my shoes during dancing to show it off ;) ).
        But overall, few people seem to “get it”….
        ah well…..

      • batya from NJ says:

        your secret is safe with us, h!

  5. G6 says:

    I think the point is that anything that is “yotzeh min haklal” is nowadays considered untznius.
    The only way to be tznius is to blend, blend, blend…. all black – no color anywhere, EVER.

    That said, I’m with you…. Some of my favorite winter colors are “Vintage Wine” (the closest thing I can find to discontinued “Burma Ruby”), “Berry Hard” and “Bold and Beautiful”.

    It all depends on if you want to fit the mold or if it will feel more like a straightjacket.

  6. tesyaa says:

    Some things are a matter of taste, not tznius. And tastes differ. As it happens, I prefer a pale polish, but it has nothing to do with tznius reasons; that’s how my prim & proper mother brought me up. And I have noticed that as I have gotten into my 40s, dark lipstick does not look good on me. If I wear lipstick it is also a pale nude color.

  7. s(b.) says:

    I could see someone saying that fire-engine red anything attracts attention; those people might want to mind their own middos. I think young girls should be made aware that wearing a color like that could attract unwanted male attention. They need to figure out what they’ll wear; tznius comes from the inside out, imo.

  8. Lady Lock and Load says:

    Abandoning Eden, I noticed your blue nail polish, it matched your dress!

  9. Chanief says:

    Living in Monsey and observing some of the women here, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the ones who are going to attract a man’s attention are not doing it with their nails. Personally I like black nail polish all year round…

  10. s(b.) says:

    Yes, how do women attract men in Monsey? Ankle-flashing? :facetious:

  11. Lady Lock and Load says:

    Men? What men? ;)

  12. Chanief says:

    LOL s(b) @ ankle flashing!

    Hadassah, me have an opinion? Never! ;) A lot of women in Monsey have a, shall we say, interesting approach to tznius. It’s all about the letter of the law and nothing to do with the spirit of it. The sleeves and skirt may be technically long enough and the sheitel may be present but I’ll be darned if they aren’t giving porn stars a run for their money! I am not generalizing and saying ALL Monsey women are like that but certainly you know the type. (I am not referring to those who like to dress trendy and tznius, I am referring to the ones whose lacy underitems can be clearly seen through their shirts and skirts because they are THAT tight.)

  13. Z! says:

    It seems in Flatbush that the women who do NOT get their nails done are the anomally! I mean, at 5-10 bucks a manicure it’s cheaper than a spa treatment!

    The dark colours shocked me at first, and they are not ones I would choose for myself, but that is because I do not like my nails enough to want to call attention to them with dark colours.

    I appreicate that there so many diverse colours out there. My friend at the office is wearing “slate grey” and it’s really very nice.

  14. Lady Lock and Load says:

    lacy under items? What is that, i don’t think we have those in monsey. I better get with the times….
    Chanief, Monsey is a very big place with alot of different kinds of Jews. Some dress that way, and some are more modest. My feeling is that they are all Jews and who am I to judge, I ain’t so perfect myself, now hand me some bold and beautiful nail polish please for my unsexy nails. I gotta keep up over here! :)

    • Chanief says:

      Of course it is a big place, with many diverse people, which is why I was careful not to generalize and say ALL. Yes, they are all jews and everyone has their challenge, but the fact of the matter is that if you present yourself as a frum jew you will be judged as such (against the standards that a frum jew is expected to uphold.) I am not such a good person that I could claim not to judge. I judge, and when someone’s thong is apparent to the naked eye through their skirt, I judge harshly.

  15. Z! says:

    “I judge, and when someone’s thong is apparent to the naked eye through their skirt, I judge harshly.”

  16. Lady Lock and Load says:

    Careful Z! Hashem judges you according to how you judge others.

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