Dear KoD

When I told you I was feeling blah and blue you listened. You were so sweet and patient! You suggested I go back to my walking, that exercise would make me feel so much better and lift me out of the doldrums. You managed to extract some kind of an assurance from me that I would walk yesterday and as you know I don’t make promises I cannot keep.

Well, I did walk. And I have this to say to you – OW! I walked all the way to Walmart and back. Forty seven minutes each way. In the cold. And I did a little shopping there too. Shlepped stuff back in my backpack. I reckon with traipsing around the store as well, I walked 5 miles. Not too shabby, eh?

You know what is shabby, my KoD? My muscle tone. Why didn’t you warn me to take it slow, and not overdo it my first time walking in a long while? Why didn’t you remind me that if I indeed overdid it that my body would scream at me in agony and decide to never power walk or walk for exercise again? Why didn’t you tell me that my hips would burn as if I had been hula hooping for hours? Why didn’t you tell me that my almost 37 year old body would feel like it was being torn apart?

Yeah, I do have a brain, and I guess I could have (should have?) figured it all out on my own. But I do things to the extreme, that’s just my nature. So, dude, it’s all your fault that I ache today. :p

But you know what, after I bake my challahs today, I am going to go out for another walk. A shorter one, to be sure. Because, dear heart, much as I physically ache, emotionally I did feel better, I did feel lighter. I do feel as if I have more energy today.

So maybe, just maybe, you were….dare I say it…….RIGHT??

Thanks for the push, my love. I will be fighting fit in no time. Off to knead my dough.


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  1. Rebecca says:

    Does KoD exercise? Waiting for your visas is like waiting for a baby way after nine months. I am getting ready to walk, run, scream, bite, etc. anyone who is holding back the paperwork.

  2. Lady Lock and Load says:

    I’m coming with you Rebecca in full gear! :)

  3. KoD says:

    1) NO PAIN, NO GAIN.
    2) You do have a brain, you know!! :-)
    3) I’m really glad you started walking again.

    • HSaboMilner says:

      1) so come here and massage my sore aching muscles

      2) this has long been established

      3) good. now come up here and walk with me.

    • Lady Lock and Load says:

      KoD, very good suggestion, exercise is good for the blues and everything that ails ya. I am addicted! Okay, back to me treadmill and my show, 24!

  4. Lady Lock and Load says:

    You’ll feel better tomorrow probably. I always stretch after I work out, maybe that will help a drop.

  5. Z! says:

    Reality is, that hill you have to maneuver is a B*TCH!!

  6. Frayda says:

    where is the “like” button on this post?

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