I just got one of the nicest compliments ever…On Twitter, there is a meme that we do every Friday, we suggest people for others to follow, based on subject matter, or just because we think they should be followed.

One of my followers (ie a Twitter friend), @crowfer, tweeted this this morning

“#FollowFriday: @hsabomilner Because she’s a really nice person who’s fun to talk to + her tweets remind me of Erma Bombeck, and I love Erma”

I am beyond moved and touched. What a comparison!! Erma Bombeck!! What a great way to start my day!! Thanks @crowfer!!

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  1. ladylockandload says:

    eh, you’re much better than erma (may she rest in peace).

  2. tysdaddy says:

    I’d take Erma over Abigail any day and twice on Sundays . . .

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