Clutter and the KoD

My KoD is a very neat person. He has no clutter. His desk does not need organization ever because he NEVER gets it messy. He knows where everything is, and if he has no use for something, he gets rid of it. His email inbox is empty at the end of the day. His drawers are organized and everything is arrange sensibly in the closet. Ok, my stuff is color coded, but, hey, whatever floats your boat.

I, on the other hand, am not a clutterbug but I can accumulate stuff pretty quickly. A little bit of mess does not bother me. It does, however, get to a point where I do have to organize. This morning, I uncluttered my inboxes (easier to do it on a Sunday when work people are not really working) and started on my desks.

My office is cluttered. I have a 6 x 3 corner where I have my desk, my phone and my computer and share this space with the linen closet. So I do have to be somewhat organized (I know where everything is in my pile of papers) – but the mess would drive the KoD bonkers if he had to see it everyday.

Our bedroom is another story. I have a corner desk in our room where things accumulate. This is where I used to work before we set this office up for me in the basement. The KoD is a saint, because I know the clutter on this desk bothers him. I ended up clearing it all off and organizing my office and my corner of the bedroom because even though the mess doesn’t bother me, I don’t enjoy the fact that it must irk him every time he sees it.

Living with him has streamlined a lot of my clutter instincts. I am more ready to throw things out, or recycle, than I was before. I think less about my material possessions and have less need for *stuff*. I wonder what living with me has changed for him…

So my question of the day – what have your learned from your spouse that has improved your life?

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  1. Z! says:

    My hubby taught me to follow up, follow up and follow up. You can always rely on the stupidity of others and if you want to make sure the job is done right, follow up!

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