Business Email Communication

Questions for those of you who do paid work that requires email communication.

1. How much time do you think you spend on writing and answering emails per day?

2. Does the ebb and flow of email hinder your productivity?

3. What is your email etiquette? Do you check each new message as it comes in or do you check once an hour?


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  1. 1 hour day writing/answering emails, don’t let it hinder my productivity, and i check when i can. it might be as it comes in, or – if i need to concentrate on something – it might be in an hour or two.

  2. MrsMelissaSG says:

    my flow is constantly interupted my email, and having a blackberry which chirps every time and the outlook pop-up thing is just double timing me to make sure i read them. that said, when i really need to focus i silence the bb and put it aside so i can’t see the red light and i shut down outlook.

  3. Kathy says:

    I work in an office with constant email traffic. I probably spend at least an hour per day reading and answering email, sometimes much more. But if I was addressing those issues by email, I would be talking on the phone or meeting with someone to address the same issues. If I am at my desk I usually use the email popup to see quickly see what a new email is, and I constantly am reviewing my email inbox for new emails throughout the day.

    I don’t use a blackberry or similar for email.

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