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I couldn’t not post about this. Yesterday as Empress CaresALot and I were crossing the border I was asked a question I had never been asked before. The border guard takes the passports and checks everyone out. He looks at mine, and asks me if the picture really is of me. I say yes. He says “what happened?” – I told him that I had lost a significant amount of weight since the picture and grown my hair. He kept looking from the photo back to me. Finally he asked me to show him my ears. Say what? That’s right, he asked me to pull back my hair and show him my ears. I had to turn my head this way and that. My ears?!! So strange…..

Then he went to the trunk, rooted through the suitcases a little bit, and sent us on our merry way.

As the KoD put it, how eerie!

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  1. were your ears visible in your passport photo? Maybe he was looking at whether you had attached or detached lobes or something…weird.

  2. batya from NJ says:

    if the ears were visible maybe he thought that he could check to see if the ears in the pic were similar to your “live” ears b/c ppl. don’t gain/lose weight in the ears, to my knowledge!

  3. tesyaa says:

    He just wanted to see your sexy ears!

  4. Mike S says:

    Are you sure KoD didn’t say “How ear-ie”? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

  5. balebusta says:

    he was checking to see if you had a face lift! small scars behind the ears are tell-tale signs of plastic surgery!!

  6. Chava Malka says:

    Actually, this is one aspect of new security techniques for personal identification for travelers.

    Parts of the head which cannot be changed or which cannot easily be changed are used for enhanced identification. These include the shape and placement of one’s ears (detached/attached lobes), the width of one’s cheeks, and the balance of the width and spacing of the forehead, cheeks, and chin on one’s face.

  7. curious says:

    Just one small note: A tactic used by border security (at crossing or at airports) is to ask the most innocous question and see your reaction. The guy was just doing his job and probably well.

  8. Lady Lock and Load says:

    Maybe soon you will need a new passport and you can retake the pic so the border police will not ask any questions. Lord Lock and Load just had to renew his passport.

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