Baruch Dayan HaEmet

Leiby Kletzky was a nine year old boy who just wanted to walk home from camp alone to prove he was a big boy. He never made it home. All over his neighborhood in Boro Park and beyond, people turned out to look for him, for 36 hours. Early this morning his dismembered body was found in Park Slope NY, after a man told police he had killed him and where to find his body.

This is a tragedy, a sick and twisted brutal murder. I have no words.

May his soul rest in peace.

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  1. batya from NJ says:

    No words but the monster who did it doesn’t deserve to live.

  2. lady lock and load says:

    He will have to be placed in a high security prison. Noone, not even criminals like child rapists or murderers. They would beat him up.

  3. This is just terrible. Terrible. I read that Levi Aron, the suspect, killed the child when he saw leaflets searching for him. Appalling.

  4. Miriam Shenny says:

    heartbreaking tragedy

  5. Z! says:

    Truly a chillum Hashem. But the support and unity the different communities and different organizations showed during the search and beyond is a kiddush Hashem. A terrible tragedy. I don’t think there were outward signs. Those who worked with him didn’t notice much was up. When he went to work on Tuesday (after he brutally murdered Leiby), he seemed a little sick, complaining of a stomach ache. Otherwise, no one was the wiser.

  6. what a terrible tragedy. so sad that this little boy touched so many due to his tragic murder. why could it not have been that his life touched millions?

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