My girlfriend shlepped me out for dinner tonight at Chez Papa Ernie’s. It had been a day of ups and downs and we just needed a change of scenery. What was awesome, other than her delightful company, was seeing my own review taped onto the wall, with certain sections highlighted. First time I have seen anything I have written in a public place. I wanted to autograph it, but I played it cool. See, it wasn’t a totally positive review. Read it for yourselves. But I did snap a pic of it hanging on the wall. I’ll get over myself real soon. I will. Just let me have a moment to kvell.

(Just to note – the service has improved, the waiter was not too friendly and the food was still amazing. We had the smoked meat burger which was delish.)

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  1. Mark says:

    I’m amazed that they couldn’t find a better review to put on the wall :-), but they did highlight the important parts.

  2. how fun to see your writing in print, in public and without your prior knowledge! go on, kvell. you deserve it! :)

  3. sheldan says:

    Maybe the review was a reminder to the staff not to repeat the same mistakes that were made before? ;-)

    The good thing was that you were willing to give it another chance, and sometimes that may be all you need to learn more about a good restaurant.

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