Am I the only one?

Last night the phone rang at 10.30 for one of my children. Most people, and most of my kids’ friends, know that they are not to call after 10 pm. I like my kids to get as much sleep as they can, and if they are on the phone till all hours, well, sleep will suffer. I also don’t like late night phone calls – that’s when I talk to my KoD. Don’t want any interruptions or distractions. So I told my son’s friend that he was already sleeping and would see him in school tomorrow. I hope my son won’t get teased for being asleep so “early”. Apparently most of his classmates are allowed to stay up late.

Are any of you this strict with bedtimes for your teens? With house rules about late night phonecalls? What works for you?

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  1. Chanief says:

    Well, I don’t have teens (yet) but I do think 10pm is an appropriate limit for phone calls. I try not to call anyone after 9:30, unless it’s really important, and I don’t appreciate calls after 10. If anyone does have to call me after 10, they should call my cel phone which will be on if I am still taking calls and off if I am not. I imagine this will be a point of contention with my kids when they are teens, I imagine that when they’re young teens my limit will stand and when they are older teens they would have to take any late phone calls on their cel phones so as not to disturb the whole family.

  2. batya from NJ says:

    i am always happy to have my kids put the blame on me for these kinds of things…this way, their friends can’t “blame” them for their actions but instead they can blame the annoying parents (aka me ;)! which is just fine with me. quite frankly, a kid who will make fun of them for that isn’t in my opinion such a great kid anyhow, so what do i care if he thinks I’m annoying/controlling or whatever but this way my kid doesn’t have to be ridiculed…anyhow, hopefully your son won’t be made fun of b/c of his bedtime but for the future i’d tell him to put the blame you to his friends which might take the heat off a bit…

    regarding bed-time, i try to get my 15 yr old son to sleep the latest when i go in at around midnight or so but lately he’s been up even later than i am which is problematic since he needs to be up rather early in the am but after that hr. i am too tired to fight with him although this morning, i noticed thanks to my computer monitoring program, that he didn’t go to sleep around 12:30pm last night as he had assured me that he would (which was late ENOUGH) but in fact was still on the computer @ 1:30am which was upsetting to me & therefore he did not get his daily reward for good behavior ($1) that i had been planning on awarding him for yesterday…

  3. Emet says:

    *sigh, we are 3 people, 3 cell phones.

    kiddo (full fledge teenager) can be on the phone until whee hours of the morning. (and her phone rings at any hours of the night)

    Aba asks that shes in bed by midnight, Im the early sleeper, so what happens after I ve gone to bed is out of my realm.

    when I go to bed, I just turn my cell phone ring off (and get aba all flustered cuz he cant reach me! LOL)

    and aba gets phone calls (and calls out) pretty late too. I just dont get that!

    Back in Montreal, I wouldnt pick up any unexpected calls after 10h30pm, forget it.
    I wish we could do like you over here, I really do, trust me. maybe once she is out of the house and we have little kids again…

  4. G6 says:

    This is a pet peeve of mine as well.
    When a young child calls my home at 10:45pm, I have to bite my tongue for fear of asking where that child’s parents are and if they know that their youngster is placing phone calls at that hour.
    But do state matter of factly that our house rules are no phone calls after 10pm. (The first time it happens, I tell my daughter to relay this message herself. If it doesn’t “get through” {either because it’s not delivered or because it is not ‘heard’}, I relay it myself on subsequent occasions….)

  5. Tuvia says:

    In general I would say 10am-10pm is an ok time to call…you dont want to wake anything, and if they are sleep at noon, then thats their own fault :)

    Ever since HS I have been up until midnight. When I was in HS, no one had cell phones, so every teen had their own line that only rang in their room, so any time of day or night was fair game. The same probably applies now, just text the kid instead haha.

  6. lady lock and load says:

    When my girls were younger, I would tell anyone who called after ten that I would appreciate it if they not call because we go to bed early. And that went for all calls, not for just the children. I also shut the ringer off after ten so it wouldn’t disturb us.
    I think it is important to teach teens that our sleep is important otherwise they have cranky parents. and if they want to stay up and yack on the phone, that means you are old enough to be your own alarm clock and haul yourself out of bed and make it to the bus/school on time. If they can’t wake themselves up that means that they shouldn’t be on the phone after ten, they have lost that privilidge (sp?) in my book. In my opinion, kids go to bed way too late and maybe there would be less obesity, learning disabilities and attention problems if they got more rest. school is a long day for yeshiva students and they need the ZZZZ’s!

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