A weighty issue


So I bought hand weights the other week so I could add something more to my workouts. I am beginning to see changes in my biceps, which is awesome! One day hopefully I will have biceps like Lady Diddliedee.


Today, as per KoD’s suggestion, I wore them around my ankles as I puttered around the house doing laundry and dishes and housework. They only weigh a pound and a half each – couldn’t hurt right?


WRONG!! Ouch ouch ouch!! It feels like I am walking through quicksand. I know it means that the muscles are working, but holy guacamole!! The burn!!


But in other awesome news I am able to run up 9 flights of stairs without stopping to catch my breath now. And I did it in heels on Shavuot too! 4 inch heels to boot!


I am so committed to my exercise routine now, I am so motivated to be fit and healthy. KoD showed me the right way to do a sit up and a push up. It’s great that he can do them. I have no stomach muscles for the sit ups YET, and I have a tush that likes to stick up in the air when I try push ups. He made it look so easy (helps when you have awesome muscles in the right places) and his butt didn’t stick up in the air – he even could do the navy push up – with the handclap in the middle?! Very impressive my man is! But my goal is to be able to do sit ups effortlessly by the next time I see him so I can show off. 12 days folks, help me get there…..

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  1. ladylockandload says:

    Instead of doing a full sit up, you can start with going up half way. For push ups, you can start by going on your knees. Men have an easier time doing push ups and full sit ups so don’t compare yourself to him. The main thing is to have good form and do it right so it will be effective.

  2. hadassahsabo says:

    half way? i cant even go 1/16th of the way!! my c section cut thru the stomach muscles 7 years ago and they havent been the same since!

    but with the pushups – how do you know your back is straight?

  3. ladylockandload says:

    So go a 1/16 of the way! You just go as much as you can, do your own personal best.
    For pushups, you can check yourself if you have a mirror that goes down to the floor, like on the back of a closet door. Just make sure you don’t curve your back and do the “hen peck” like my trainer calls it.

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