A trip to the library…

Some funnies.

First was “get ready, we’re going to the library”. “What for?” – I don’t know, what do you go to the library for?

Then, in the car on the way to the library, I made up a Dr Seuss rhyme with something the oldest said – “I heard you in the house, I heard you like a mouse…..” The bigger three totally rolled their eyes (I could hear it and feel it but had my eyes on the road). The little one however piped up with “no compliment”. After gales and fits of laughter the boys pointed out to their little brother that the phrase was “no comment”. He said he knew that. Um hmm. Sure.

Then somehow the boys got onto the subject of communism. It was so interesting to hear the kids’ take on what it means. Apparently banana republics are a store and also countries in South America where there is a dictator who eats lots of bananas and tells everyone what to do; they all earn money and give it to the banana-eating dictator.

We left the library weighed down with books. We passed a mom and her two sons, similar ages to my lot. She stopped me and asked how old my little one was – the others ran ahead to the car and he had stayed with me. I told her he was 8. She turned to her son and said “see, Gilad, he is your age and look how many books he is taking out”. Gilad rolled his eyes and continued to drag his feet on the way into the library.

On the way home they discussed putting a Ferrari engine into our van, driving it on a racetrack and squirting apple juice out of the windows.

Just a regular hour in my life. GRIN.

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  1. frayda says:

    lol! squirting apple juice? where did that come from?

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